Topeak - JoeBlow ACE DX Floor Pump

Topeak JoeBlow ACE DX Floor Pump | Track pumps
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in a new design, the JoeBlow TM Ace DX continues to offer the innovative 3-stage design to efficiently supply both high-pressure road bikes and high-volume MTB tires. Stage 1 opens both cylinders for large volumes and reaches 4 bar with 30 % less force than conventional floor pumps. Stage 2 utilizes the master cylinder for pressures up to 8 bar, while in stage 3 can reach up to 18 bar in the small cylinder. The comfortable Ergo T handle, a large base for a stable stand and a new, 4" large, lower, analog manometer simplify every pumping process. New full metal TwinHead TM DX1 with longer lever for easier clamping. In addition, the air pressure can be fine-tuned within a few seconds using the flatter air drain button. Includes adapters for Dunlop valves, balls and air mattresses.


  • Head made of solid metal TwinHead TM , DX1 with air drain button and extra long hose
  • Cylinder made of anodized aluminum
  • Manometer with 260 psi/18 bar, 4” below, analog
  • Comfort Ergo T-grip with rubber inserts
  • Base in rubberized aluminum
  • Adapter for Dunlop valves
  • Adapter for balls and air mattresses
  • Hose lock
  • 3-way lockable cylinder by means of clear selector lever
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