Bbb - AirShock 405psi Shock Pump

BBB AirShock 405psi Shock Pump | Shock pumps
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Shock pumps
The BBB AirShock 405psi Shock Pump is a compact and easy to use shock pump ready for most suspensions. The lightweight Aluminium pump is super easy to use and has fine tuning pressure bleeder which allows you to reach those accurate pressures that are specific to you! The precise 1.5 inch analogue gauge is protected by a rubber housing for those knocks and bumps when in transport. The flexible hose is attached to the pump via a swivel joint which allows you to comfortably reach those annoyingly positioned rear shock valves. Weighing only 150 grams the pump is effortless to use especially when you got to reach those high pressures. Keep your steed fine tunes with the AirShock Shock Pump.