Ergon - GP5 Grips

Ergon GP5 Grips | Handles
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Maximum comfort on long tours – the Ergon GP5 grips with angle-adjustable full-size bar ends are a great solution to prevent numb fingers and hand pain. Their hand-sized 3D shape helps you find an ergonomically correct grip position to improve comfort on your tours. The grips feature three different anti-slip zones and vibration-absorbing properties, which makes them perfect for use on touring and travel bikes.

• Ergonomic grips with full-size bar ends for long tours
• Three different anti-slip grip zones
• 3D design supports optimal pressure distribution, ergonomic grip positions and high vibration absorption
• Full-size bar end also serves as a clamp
• With aluminium clamp
• Secure installation with just one bolt
• Infinitely adjustable hand rest angle
• Angle-adjustable
• Available on two different sizes: small for small to medium sized hands (6,5 - 8,5), large for large hands (8,5 - 10,5)
• Material: bar end made from GF composite, rubber
• Weight: approx. 370 g (size S / pair), approx. 395 g (size L / pair)
Prices from : 43 To 59 GBP
59 GBP