r.s.p Chain Cleaner 10 liters

r.s.p. Bike & Chain Cleaner - 10 liters | Chain clean
For kids
Component type
Chain clean
Bike & Chain Cleaner is the blockbuster amongst the cleaning agents, and has been specially developed for use in an r.s.p. Microclean component cleaning device. Bike & Chain Cleaner even removes stubborn dirt such as tar, grease spots and glue residue, and protects the bike from corrosion.

Use Bike & Chain cleaner on dry components only. Bike & Chain Cleaner is free from acids, caustic solutions, emulsifiers, surfactants and corrosive sulphur compounds.

Immediately after cleaning: Lubricate the components with r.s.p. Ceramic Dynamic, Glide & Slide or r.s.p. chain oils.
108 GBP