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Assos Equipe RSR S9 bib short - Black

We started from scratch, with a concept conceived entirely from the beginning, and the result was the lightest and most comfortable pair of shorts with racing braces ever produced in the ASSOS laboratories: the RSR S9 teams, for a total of 160 grams. To create these high performance race bib shorts, it was necessary to reconsider the whole concept and eliminate any component that did not contribute to the main objective, ie to reach that unexplored level of union between speed and total comfort. Mission accomplished: we are pleased to introduce you the Equipe RSR S9 straps shorts. In the harshest race conditions, we are of the opinion that the most advanced technology on which bottoms are based is as important as the structure that accompanies it. Consider how many
mistreatment suffers a pair of shorts in a day in the routine of a cyclist during the WorldTour: elbow bends, sudden transitions from one type of terrain to another, constant exchange between rides in the saddle and standing and hours spent moving the weight of the body from a
side to side. All this has an impact on the composition of the shorts and on the operation of the pad, and, consequently, on the comfort provided by them. To mitigate these effects without having to resort to weight reduction, the first problem we faced in this RSR project was that of the fabric itself. We realized that the right direction to follow implied the creation of a new material that offered a perfect combination of compressive strength, resistance, a feeling of softness to the touch as well as the lowest possible weight. The answer was our brand new Type.701kompressor fabric,
successor of the appreciated Campionissimo kompressor S7, a complex woven fabric satisfying from all points of view. It uses ultra-thin yarns with superior elasticity, generating an almost entirely free of rubbing that supports the muscles and gives unprecedented comfort. The Type.701 fabric becomes practically like a second skin, guaranteeing a phenomenal structural hold and breathability, wrapping the lower back and thighs without interruptions with a soft softness. Using this fabric in the first phase of the A-Lock Engineering system, our new support system made up of new technologies that work in harmony to provide stability to the shorts and keep the seat back in place, we have been able to concentrate on the design. While the S7 generation consisted of four panels, the S9 generation incorporates just two, with the first of the two in the shape of a butterfly that wraps the legs entirely, then converging in the back to form our new ergoBox structure. This design keeps
actually the seat back in place and wraps you up with an incredibly comfortable fabric, which joins the Type.701 to give you the best clickFit fit we've ever produced. We have also omitted the RS version of the rollBar system, in such a way as to eliminate a little extra weight and entrusting us to the properties of the fabric's tightness for added stability. The straps of the straps were also redesigned using a calibrated elasticity everywhere, with the back part using a single section of elastic material, folded over itself, and forming an A-shaped structure on the back. This generates limited vertical elasticity in order to guarantee greater stability. On the front, the straps are made of a more flexible material, made of an antibacterial carbon fiber weave, to wipe away perspiration and ensure that they remain flat. As for the case back, we focused on a concept for single races, an evolution of our established Team Evo, which gave us the freedom to reassess which are the most important elements to obtain an optimized race pad. We have reduced the overall surface to reduce the weight even more, using the superAir microShock foam with 3D waffle, incorporated our kraterCooler system to increase the air flow in the front, and took additional measures to fix the back to the back through our patented horizontal stabilizer. The result? Total ASSOS comfort, more stabilized than ever, as you like it.

  • A-Lock Engineering: racingFit S9 system composed of new technologies and fabrics that work in harmony to provide stability to the shorts and keeps the back in place.
  • Butterfly design: the main fabric panel completely wraps the lower back and legs, then converging into the back. The presence of a reduced number of seams ensures a more uniform hold, lower weight and improved comfort.
  • Type.701kompressor: a patented woven fabric developed specifically for a compressive hold and a velvety comfort. 160 g / m2, UPF 50+, yarns entirely dyed with integrated odorControl system, maximum abrasion resistance, friction reduction, water repellency and heat management. Front panel stretched to the right point to ensure greater comfort.
  • RollBar: a patented system, designed to offer support, which emulates the anti-roll bars of racing cars using the straps of the straps in order to stabilize the pad and keep it in place whenever you face a curve shifting body weight from right to left.
  • ErgoBox: a construction with a square design that effectively frames the back in the back, encasing it for greater stability.
  • Xbib in carbon: a single section of elastic material, folded on itself, which forms a support structure A, which generates limited vertical elasticity in the rear part. Just above the X junction we used a more flexible material, incorporating a carbon fiber antibacterial weave, to drive away perspiration and ensure that it remains flat on the front.
  • ZeroWaist: a belt with ribbed edge reinforced with raw cut that offers the best possible transition between the body and the fabric panel. Greater comfort with less pressure.
  • Ultra-light anti-slip system for the legs: a light silicone treatment incorporated into the fabric used in the strips on the legs, serves to reduce the bulk caused by the fabric and keep the shorts in place without exerting excessive pressure.
  • Reduction in the number of stitches by 30%: flat seams everywhere and in smaller numbers, the recipe for higher comfort and a reduction in overall weight (160 g).
  • Mod.Dep S9 Basalt: a layer that enhances the upper body, in antibacterial microfibre, available in a range of three-dimensional basaltic colors. A tribute to the lava rock that gives us strength, stability and courage.
  • SuperAir microShock foam: an ultra-lightweight foam with an open cellular structure with a composition able to cushion the blows and return to the original position, filling the empty spaces every time you change position in the saddle by shifting the weight.
  • 3D waffle: a patented three-layer perforated foam that increases breathability and eliminates excess weight.
  • Design with reduced surface: the surface of the back is reduced compared to the previous design of the Evo Evo so as to lose a few more grams.
  • GoldenGate: a patented technology that interrupts the seams along both side panels of the pad, offering a more three-dimensional freedom of movement in this delicate part subject to rotational movements.
  • Horizontal stabilizer: a patented central seam that fixes the back of the seat pad to the outer fabric, thus preventing it from moving whenever standing pedals.
  • KraterCooler: system with small holes in the front of the caseback to increase airflow so that your most delicate areas remain cool.
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