Met - Elfo 85 Hel

Met Elfo Red 85 Helmet 2017 | Helmets
For kids
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MET’s designs for kid’s helmets has always come from a place of understanding the specific needs of youth riders. We didn’t simply want to reproduce our adult models for kids, but rather focus on the details of providing the very best features geared toward children. Our very youngest riders need extra protection. The Bimbi- Secure internal geometry concept ensures that there is no contact between the helmet and fontanel, the most fragile part of a child’s head. Additionally, the Elfo’s build allows your child to sit up straight while strapped into a bike seat while you ride so they can fully enjoy joining you on adventures. The Elfo and Genio have unique designs, fantastic engineering and a focus on fun and safety.

  • Outer shell construction: In-Mould
  • Inner shell: Shock absorbing polystyrene
  • Chin strap buckle: Anti-pinch buckle
  • Straps and Divider: Anti-slip cam divider
  • Fit system: Safe-T E-Twist
  • Visor: Integrated visor for more protection
  • Comfort: Anti-allergenic interior padding. Hand washable
  • Be seen: Reflective rear stickers, integrated rear LED light
  • Accessories: In-moulded anti-insect net
  • Compatibility: Bimbi plus. Optimized ergonomics for child seats. Bimbi Secure. Fontanel protection
  • Certifications: CE, AS/NZ

Weight: 230 grams

Size: 46cm - 53cm Head Circumference