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Bont Riot Road+ Cycling Shoe (BOA) | Shoes
96 GBP
Bont Riot Road+ Cykelsko (BOA) - Herre | Shoes
Bont Riot Road+ Cykelsko (BOA) - Herre | Shoes
Bont Riot Road+ Cykelsko (BOA) - Herre | Shoes
The combination of heat-mould technology, boa dial and unique cycling-specific ergonomics all combine to make the Bont Riot Road+ Cycling Shoes the ultimate choice when it comes to cycling comfort and pure performance.


Heat Mouldable

The Riot Road+ Cycling Shoes are the most heat mouldable shoe on the market today thanks to Bont's resin which has taken 36 years to perfect. The resin is extremely stiff but pliable at relatively low temperatures, allowing you to get a personalised fit like no other cycling shoe. This ensures comfort and smooth power transfer no matter how far or fast you ride. You can heat mould the shoes as many times as you like in order to get the perfect fit.

"We make shoes for cycling, not walking"

A last is a replica of a foot that the cycling shoe is built around. Traditional last makers do not make cycling shoe lasts, they only make shoe lasts. And yet that's what other brands base their cycling shoes on. Not so with Bont. Bont have been perfecting their performance footwear lasts since 1975 and the process is ongoing, getting the fit for cycling perfected. This is why they believe that Bont cycling shoes continue to be the leader in providing the most functional and correct anatomical support to cyclists. Their motto in terms of cycling shoe fit is simple, "We make shoes for cycling, not walking."

Carbon Composite Construction

The carbon composite construction of the Riot+ sole unit has been specifically designed to ensure incredibly efficient power transfer at a remarkably low weight. The composite tub style construction of the chassis has been strengthened with the inclusion of carbon across high-stress areas. The carbon is sandwiched between layers of fibreglass to maximise strength while also enhancing long-term durability.

Boa Dial Precision Adjustment

Thanks to the combination of upper Boa closure and hook-and-loop strap on the forefoot, you can get a comfortable fit and make minor adjustments on the go. The closures have been configured to distribute pressure evenly across the foot, minimising 'hot spots.' This precise level of fit perfectly compliments the heat-mouldable upper.

Medial Longitudinal Arch Support

Overpronation is one of the main contributors to incorrect tracking of knees during a cyclists pedalling phase due to internal rotation of tibia and femur. This can result in knee injuries. In addition, the rotation of tibia/femur can cause the pelvis to tilt resulting in lower back strain. Structural medial longitudinal arch support is provided to stop over pronation of feet. This is also supported by Bont's Lateral Forefoot Support.

Heat Mould Instructions:

To mould your shoes, remove any cleats, laces or cleat mounting screws and innersole before moulding. Preheat the oven to 70C/160F. Place the shoe in the oven for 20 minutes. Higher temperatures will void your warranty and may damage your shoes. Let them cool a little and test the shoe temperature with your hand before placing your feet in the shoes. Tighten the straps and allow to cool. If you have any lumps or bunions on your feet or if there are any areas causing discomfort, while the shoe is hot you can use the round end of a screwdriver to press out any part of the boot.

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Bont Riot Road+ Cykelsko (BOA) - Herre | Shoes
Bont Riot Road+ Cycling Shoe (BOA)
96 GBP
Bont Riot Road+ Cykelsko (BOA) - Herre | Shoes
Bont Riot Road+ Cykelsko (BOA) - Herre
96 GBP
Bont Riot Road+ Cykelsko (BOA) - Herre | Shoes
Bont Riot Road+ Shoes - Black
144 GBP
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