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The baselayer is one of the most important pieces of a cyclist wardrobe. With our help, you can find a great one for less.
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GripGrab Ultralight Mesh Svedundertrøje Kortærmet Sort | base layer GripGrab Ultralight Mesh
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At Velomio, we know that the baselayer is a key comfort item for the cyclist. It is the very foundation of a cyclist’s clothing. The baselayer comes beneath any other type of outer layers, such as a jersey, vest, jacket, and so on. Closest to the skin, the main purpose of a baselayer is to wick the body sweat away. This, in turn, helps regulate the temperature and provides the necessary insulation against cold.

In a nutshell, the baselayer jersey keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Baselayers cycling is highly recommended. No matter the weather or atmospheric conditions, a baselayer is always a useful part of your wear. Make sure it is made of a wicking material.

Generally, cycling baselayers are made of synthetic material, wool, or a wool-synthetic hybrid.

Velomio finds the best baselayers for cyclists after proper testing and comparing the various attributes and qualities.

How to Wear Baselayers?

Baselayers are supposed to be worn right next to your skin. This is where they work the best. Think of a baselayer as your second skin, or the closest layer.

You should wear a baselayer beneath the cycling jersey. Do not wear t-shirts under your jersey as they are not as effective – especially cotton t-shirts. Get a skin-tight baselayer instead.

It is possible to just wear a baselayer on its own. However, usually, a baselayer is combined with an outer layer for proper insulation or waterproofing. The baselayer will sit snug against your skin wicking the sweat away while the outermost layer (could be a vest, jersey, or jacket) will protect you from showers, wind, cold, or even heavy rains.

Advantages of Baselayers

A good baselayer from Velomio can help wick sweat. They are light to wear and fit snugly. They also provide comfort to the rider. Baselayers are multi-purpose and not just used in cycling. Exerting activities such as hiking and climbing also require a baselayer.

The primary advantage of baselayers is that they help you keep warm without overheating the body. And in colder temperatures (like in cold regions or during the winter), they keep you warm.

In colder temperatures such as below 30, a baselayer will help insulate your body better and make you feel warmer. You need something like a full-zip jersey on top of it in this case.

In hotter temperatures such as above 40, a baselayer is important if you do not want to overheat. A jersey will retain a lot of heat and you will constantly struggle with hot patches. The salt build-up, sweat, and overheating will make your ride extremely uncomfortable. A baselayer will help wick the sweat in these conditions.

When Should you Wear a Baselayer?

Velomio generally recommends a baselayers for cyclists typically in slightly lower temperature areas. Getting cold from sweating buckets is common while cycling. A baselayer ensures that you do not get too cold.

If you would rather stay a little warm while cycling, wearing a baselayer is perhaps the most effective thing you can do.

It is okay to wear a couple of baselayers in very cold conditions.

What are the Qualities of a Good Baselayer?

A good baselayer should be skin-tight, offering a snug fit. It should also be comfortable. Most importantly, it should be made of a good wicking material. Moisture control is the most important quality in a baselayer.

Performance baselayers should sit close to the skin. It is equally true for baselayers for cycling.

You can go for a baselayer with a high neck, cooling zip, or thumb loops for winter use.

At Velomio, we always recommend warm wool-based baselayers. These are very breathable and super comfortable. Furthermore, these are highly effective at trapping the air close to your body to keep it warm.

It is also believed that short-sleeved baselayers can help during a crash.

What to Look Out for When Buying Baselayers for Cycling?

According to Velomio, here are some things to look out for:

  1. The baselayer should be comfortably skin-tight and should fit seamlessly to each body curve.
  2. Baselayers should not restrict movement or cause difficulty breathing when exerting yourself. If that happens, get a bigger size.
  3. Do not go for baselayers made of baggy material. This can make the ride uncomfortable.
  4. There are both types of baselayers – sleeveless and short-sleeved. Although it is more of a personal taste, you need to make sure that under armpit tightness is bearable or nonexistent. If it tightens under the armpits, it can make for an uncomfortable experience.
  5. Baselayers come in multiple thicknesses. The thinner the baselayer is, the more appropriate it is for summer usage. For winter look out for thicker baselayers. They come from a very lightweight summer top thickness to a very chunky winter-racing-ready one.
  6. Go for a thin baselayer if you feel hot in general while cycling.
  7. Although you can just wash baselayers by chucking them into a washing machine, it is important to check for any special washing instructions. Some baselayers can shrink due to a high-temperature wash.

Velomio Is the Best Place to Find a Good Base Layer

The baselayer decides your overall comfort. Everything you wear on top of it will follow suit. If the baselayer is uncomfortable for any reason including bagginess, badly placed seams, etc., then no matter what you wear on top of it, you will feel uncomfortable anyway.

Choosing the right baselayer is, therefore, critical to a good cycling experience.

You will find a great variety of baselayers for cycling. Some might not be warm enough, have below-average wicking properties, or might even cause itching. As a high-quality comparison site, Velomio tests baselayers and recommends only the best of the lot.

Always get a baselayer size that is the same as the regular clothing size you always wear. Baselayers are built smaller for a snug fit and getting a smaller size than yours can make them too tight.

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