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SIDI SIDI SOFT INSTEP 2 Closure Shadow | Sko
Sidi SOFT INSTEP 2 Closure Shadow

The Soft Instep 2 Shadow closure comes as a spare part for your SIDI shoes. Details: ...

Fra: 104

SIDI Sidi MTB Cleat Reinforcement Plates | Klamper
Sidi MTB Cleat Reinforcement Plates

The MTB Cleat Reinforcement Plates by SIDI are the appropriate spare counterplates for your SIDI cyc...

Fra: 29

Sidi London Insole | Sko > Tilbehør
Sidi London Insole

The London insole fits into all Sidi shoes! Due to the high amount of felt, they keep your feet warm...

Fra: 126

Sidi Comfort Fit Insole | Sko > Tilbehør
Sidi Comfort Fit Insole

Insole made of ergonomically shaped foam with antibacterial treatment and perforation for optimal ve...

Fra: 140

Sidi Toecover - black | item_misc
Sidi Toecover

The Toecover is perfect for changeable and chilly weather conditions and can be put on and taken off...

Fra: 211

Sidi Compression Socks | Kompressionstøj
Sidi Compression

Whether post-ride recovery is your aim or travelling comfort before and after racing, the Sidi Compr...

Fra: 81

Sidi Udskiftelig Hæl | Sko
Sidi Udskiftelig Hæl

Udskiftelig hæl fra Sidi til: • Vent Carbon sål. • Carbon Lite sål. • SP Carbon...

Fra: 62

Sidi Kaos Road Shoes | Sko
Sidi Kaos

The Sidi Kaos are provided with the Soft Instep Closure System. This is an anatomically shaped, comf...

Fra: 1.091

Sidi Drako MTB Sko | Sko
Sidi Drako MTB

The stylish and comfortable Sidi Drako Carbon SRS Vernice mountain bike shoe is the go-to shoe for m...

Fra: 1.794

Sidi Rainbow Socks - white | Strømper

The sock in the winning look with Rainbow stripes and SIDI logo. Comfortable, half-high and with hig...

Fra: 78

Sidi Caliper Buckles | Bremseklo og kaliber
Sidi Caliper Buckles

Exactly as advertised. Used these to replace my existing (Atop) Buckles to prolong the life of my ca...

Fra: 89

Sidi Toe Covers | Skoovertræk
Sidi Toe Covers

Adding extra protection over the toe box of your road cycling shoes, Sidi's Toe Covers are a useful ...

Fra: 135

Sidi Alba Road Shoe | Sko
Sidi Alba

Disse racersko viser sig frem på første række med sine alsidige specifikationer, der kan spar...

Fra: 665

Sidi Color Socks - pink | Strømper
Sidi Color

You will be noticed with Sidi’s Color Socks. The socks consist primarily of the Meryl Skinlife yar...

Fra: 88

Sidi Wild - Socks | Strømper
Sidi Wild

The Wild socks are pleasantly airy. Meryl Skinlife is not only very breathable, but also odour-inhib...

Fra: 78

SIDI SHOT shoe covers | Skoovertræk
Sidi SHOT covers

The elastic overshoes by SIDI look like the SIDI SHOT cycling shoes. Thus, you can protect your shoe...

Fra: 238

SIDI TRACE MTB shoes | Sko

Her bliver solide specifikationer blandet med et flot og stilrent design således, at man nemt o...

Fra: 685

SIDI WIRE overshoes | Skoovertræk
Sidi WIRE overshoes

Aerodynamic overshoes with the same design as the WIRE CARBON VERNICE, made of elastic Lycra Air fab...

Fra: 208

Sidi Shot i kulfiber | Shots og Chews
Sidi Shot kulfiber

Shot er den seneste ypperste sko fra Sidi, som bruges af stjernerne i pro-feltet

Fra: 2.054

Sidi Sock Overshoes | item_misc
Sidi Overshoes

The iconic Sidi Sock Overshoes have been a mainstay of the Belgian classics for many years now, they...

Fra: 135

Hæl til sidi sko | Sko
Sidi Hæl

Hæl sæt til sidi cykelsko . Bl.a. Millenium 3 Se mere Se mindre

Fra: 75

Sidi justerbar hæl skåle | Sko > Tilbehør
Sidi hæl skåle

Komplet sæt til begge sko. Inkl. nøgle til montering. Passer til Ergo serien fra 2008...

Fra: 99

Sidi Dominator 5 Mega | Sko
Sidi Dominator 5 Mega

Sidi Dominator 5 Mega, har en perfekt pasform til en bredere fod. Sålen er forstærket af carbonfib...

Fra: 1.299

Sidi Sock Overshoes | Skoovertræk
Sidi Overshoes

The iconic Sidi Sock Overshoes have been a mainstay of the Belgian classics for many years now, they...

Fra: 135

Sidi SPD Threaded Inserts | item_misc
Sidi SPD Threaded Inserts

SPD threaded inserts for Sidi MTB-shoes.

Fra: 38

Sidi Techno II System | item_misc
Sidi Techno II System

The Sidi Techno II System is a genuine Sidi spare.Reviews

Fra: 123

Sidi Inserto Punta | Sko
Sidi Inserto Punta

The Sidi Sidi Inserto Punta let the front of your shoe shine like new. These are suitable for SRS so...

Fra: 54

Sidi Cape MTB Shoes | Sko
Sidi Cape MTB

The Sidi Cap shoes are for every type of mountainbike rider who is looking for a versatile and robus...

Fra: 1.014

Sidi Colour Cycling Socks | Strømper
Sidi Colour Cycling

Ultra-light and breathable, the Sidi Colour Cycling Socks keep your feet comfortable when you're in ...

Fra: 65

Sidi Caliper Buckle | Sko > Tilbehør
Sidi Caliper Buckle

Replacement system for the Caliper Buckle system, functions via the centre clasp of the shoe. To loo...

Fra: 109

SIDI LOGO cycling socks | Strømper
Sidi cycling

You love Sidi shoes and what better way to complement them than with a pair of Sidi Logo Socks. Ligh...

Fra: 65

SIDI NANO RAINCOVER overshoes | Skoovertræk
Sidi NANO RAINCOVER overshoes

SIDI has developed the NANO RAINCOVER overshoes in cooperation with CASTELLI. The shoe covers keep y...

Fra: 373

SIDI Color cycling socks | Strømper
Sidi Color cycling

Fresh colours and high technology! The half-high Color cycling socks by SIDI are a must-have for amb...

Fra: 89

SIDI RAINBOW socks | Strømper

Sports socks in winner look with UCI rainbow stripes and SIDI logo. These functional socks have ...

Fra: 74

Sidi Drinking Bottle 500ml | Drikkedunke
Sidi Drinking 500ml

Drinking bottle with 500 ml capacity and practical quick-release closure. Large SIDI print. Feat...

Fra: 47

Sidi Metatarsus Insert | item_misc
Sidi Metatarsus Insert

Genuine Sidi Metatarsus Insert, spare part.Reviews

Fra: 25

Sidi Soft Instep 3 | item_misc
Sidi Soft Instep 3

The Sidi Soft Instep 3 is a genuine Sidi spare.Reviews

Fra: 123

Sidi Cape Mountainbike sko | item_misc
Sidi Cape

EN ydelse orienteret MTB sko, der passer perfekt på grund af kombinationen af ​​Sidi 's sikker ...

Fra: 1.042

SIDI Anti-slip heels for SIDI ROAD GENIUS 7 and SIDI SHOT | Sko > Tilbehør
Sidi Anti-slip heels GENIUS 7 and SHOT

With the anti-slip heels by SIDI, your SIDI ROAD GENIUS 7 or SIDI SHOT cycling shoes will offer good...

Fra: 37

Sidi Memory Insole | Sko > Tilbehør
Sidi Memory Insole

The Memory insole fits into all Sidi shoes! They are made from ergonomic foam with memory effect and...

Fra: 281

Sidi Bandana - white | Hovedbeklædning
Sidi Bandana

The classic Sidi Bandana perfectly fits under a helmet and protects the head from sun and wind. In a...

Fra: 156

Sidi SRS Carbon Inserts | Sko
Sidi SRS Inserts

Sidi SRS Carbon Inserts, suitable for SRS Carbon soles. This is about the studs, not the sole itself...

Fra: 261

Sidi Comfort Fit Såler | Sko
Sidi Comfort Fit Såler

Insoles of ergonomic shaped foam, with antibacterial coating. With perforations for extra ventilatio...

Fra: 148

Sidi Wind - Socks | Strømper
Sidi Wind

The Sidi Wind socks show the distinctive Sidi logo diagonal on the medium high shaft. Soft and cosy,...

Fra: 88

SIDI Fun Line Socks | Strømper
Sidi Fun Line

The Fun Line Socks by SIDI are the perfect choice for fast-paced tours and warm temperatures. The cy...

Fra: 141

Sidi Soft Instep 2 | item_misc
Sidi Soft Instep 2

The Sidi Soft Instep 2 is a genuine Sidi spare.Reviews

Fra: 123

Sidi Shot Road Shoes | Sko
Sidi Shot

Her bliver der givet en stor portion af kvalitet, fordelt på blot en enkelt skos stilrene og fl...

Fra: 1.864

SIDI Vent slider | Sko
Sidi Vent slider

Reservedel til din Sidi sko.

Fra: 99

Sidi Toe Guard | Sko > Tilbehør
Sidi Toe Guard

Toe Guard for Sidi MTB shoes with carbon sole like Dragon, Eagle and Action models.

Fra: 211

Sidi Tecno 3 Push | Sko
Sidi Tecno 3 Push

Sidi Tecno 3 Push is a system suitable for the Side Wire and Sidi Drako shoes. The Tecno 3 Push is v...

Fra: 241

SIDI MTB Toe Guard | Sko > Tilbehør
Sidi MTB Toe Guard

The MTB Toe Guard by SIDI is a set consisting of two plastic covers that protect your shoe tips from...

Fra: 201

SIDI THERMOCOVER overshoes | Skoovertræk
Sidi THERMOCOVER overshoes

SIDI has developed the THERMOCOVER overshoes in cooperation with CASTELLI. The shoe covers are the p...

Fra: 373

SIDI TIGER MTB shoes | Sko

These shoes are very comfortable, with a lot of quality and with a spectacular foot support. Quite d...

Fra: 2.031

SIDI PIPPO socks | Strømper

The Pippo socks are medium high and show the Sidi-Logo proud fluo yellow on a black background at th...

Fra: 74

SIDI CHRONO overshoes | Skoovertræk
Sidi CHRONO overshoes

Time trial overshoes made of elastic Lycra fabric. Fits the shoe perfectly and with a large recess i...

Fra: 208

Sidi Strap Caliper Buckle | Sko > Tilbehør
Sidi Strap Caliper Buckle

Sidi strap for the Sidi Caliper Buckle. This strap can be attached to the Sidi Soft Instep Closure s...

Fra: 47

Sidi Spareparts Studs | Sko > Tilbehør
Sidi Spareparts Studs

MTB spikes/studs for Sidi shoes

Fra: 39

Sidi Reinforcement plate | Sko
Sidi Reinforcement plate

Reinforcement plate for Sidi MTB-shoes

Fra: 39

Sidi Vent Air | Sko
Sidi Vent Air

The Sidi Vent Air are replacement parts for the front and rear sections of Sidi cycling shoes with t...

Fra: 50

Sidi MTB Defender - Cykelsko | Sko
Sidi MTB Defender

Designed to provide exceptional grip, the MTB Defender mountain bike shoes offer more than just ...

Fra: 934

Sidi Genius 7 Cykelsko | Sko
Sidi Genius 7

An excellent combination of comfort and power transfer - the Sidi Genius 7! These cycling shoes ...

Fra: 987

Sidi Level sko sort | Sko
Sidi Level

Sidi Level sko til racer eller spinning. Overdelen er lavet af flere overlappende lap, der har f...

Fra: 983

Sidi Tecno 2 Lukning | Sko
Sidi Tecno 2 Lukning

Replacement of the Sidi Tecno 2 system. Suitable for: • Sidi Ergo 2 & Ergo 3 shoes

Fra: 195

SIDI Fun Socks | Strømper
Sidi Fun

The Fun Socks by SIDI look like the popular SIDI SHOT cycling shoes. Cool tribal patterns, high brea...

Fra: 141

SIDI Comfort Fit insoles | Sko > Tilbehør
Sidi Comfort Fit insoles

The SIDI Comfort Fit insoles are made of ergonomically shaped foam and come with an antibacterial tr...

Fra: 126

SIDI Aero 4.1 Jersey | Trøjer
Sidi Aero 4.1

In cooperation with CASTELLI, SIDI has developed the Aero 4.1 Jersey. Equipped with a lined front zi...

Fra: 522

Sidi MTB SD15 - Cykelsko | Sko
Sidi MTB SD15

Walk in them, bike in them: the MTB SD15 cycling shoes from Sidi. This shoe comes equipped with ...

Fra: 868

Sidi SRS Carbon Inserts | item_misc
Sidi SRS Inserts

The Sidi SRS Carbon Inserts is a genuine Sidi spare.Reviews

Fra: 328

SIDI Soft Instep 3 Sort | Sko
Sidi Soft Instep 3

Original Sidi reservedel. SIDI Soft Instep 3 strop. Sort. Pris pr. par. Passer ...

Fra: 149

Sidi Alba Road Cycling Shoes | Sko
Sidi Alba Cycling

These are a little heavier than other shoes I've had, but power transfer is so much better. I had to...

Fra: 1.247

Sidi Tiger MTB Limited Edition | Mountainbikes
Sidi Tiger MTB Limited Edition

The ultimate in off-road cycling performance. The Tiger MTB Limited Edition from Sidi have a carbon ...

Fra: 3.147

Sidi Eagle 7 MTB Shoes | Sko
Sidi Eagle 7 MTB

Den Sidi Eagle 7 kombinerer godt udseende med en tilpasselig pasform til fremragende komfort på sti...

Fra: 996

Sidi Trace W MTB Sko | Sko
Sidi Trace W MTB

The Sidi Alba W is a Woman's specific mountain bike shoe. This means that the shoes are tapered just...

Fra: 1.014

SIDI Kaos Road Cycling Shoes | Sko
Sidi Kaos Cycling

Product Description With its carbon composite sole, secure closure and Italian race sty...

Fra: 981

Sidi Ergo 4 Cykelsko Landevej | Sko
Sidi Ergo 4

Sidi’s new best shoe in the Ergo series. The Sidi Ergo 4 is the improved version of the Sidi Ergo ...

Fra: 1.482

Sidi Wire Carbon Cykelsko Landevej | Sko
Sidi Wire

The Sidi Wire offers unparalleled comfort because of the Techno 3 retention system and the ventilate...

Fra: 1.337

SiDi Level Road Cycling Shoe | Sko
Sidi Level Cycling

Very happy with these shoes, most comfortable ones I have tried. Went for a size bigger than I am an...

Fra: 668

Sidi Zero Gore Road Shoes | Sko
Sidi Zero Gore

Keep your feet warm and dry and continue riding in any weather with the Sidi Zero Gore. Descrip...

Fra: 1.629

Sidi MTB Cape - MTB Shoes | Sko
Sidi MTB Cape MTB

Elegant, but at the same time hard. And clever anyway. This top MTB shoe from SIDI promises perfect ...

Fra: 1.246

SIDI Adjustable heel retention system | Hjelme > Tilbehør
Sidi Adjustable heel retention system

The adjustable heel retention system by SIDI allows you to replace the heel retention system if your...

Fra: 201

SIDI CALIPER BUCKLE ratchet closure | Sko > Tilbehør
Sidi CALIPER BUCKLE ratchet closure

Plastic ratchet closure for all SIDI models. Only compatible with ratchet straps, item no. 1336212.

Fra: 96

SIDI EAGLE 10 MTB Shoes | Sko

The EAGLE 10 MTB shoes by SIDI are the perfect all-rounders with very good power transfer. Featuring...

Fra: 1.641

SIDI GHOST COOLMAX cycling socks | Strømper
Sidi COOLMAX cycling

The GHOST COOLMAX cycling socks by SIDI impress with high breathability and pleasant ventilation. Pe...

Fra: 74

SIDI Heels for road shoes | Sko
Sidi Heels

Simply replace your heels yourself with the SIDI kit. The replacement heels are compatible with all ...

Fra: 37

Sidi MTB Trace - MTB Shoes | Sko
Sidi MTB Trace MTB

The entry into the mountain bike world of SIDI now with the successor model of the BUVEL. The new TR...

Fra: 854

Sidi Caliper Buckle - Spare Part | Sko > Tilbehør
Sidi Caliper Buckle Spare Part

Caliper Buckle - Spare Part Set. User instructions: Insert serrated strap using sli...

Fra: 101

SIDI SOFT INSTEP closure system | item_misc
Sidi SOFT INSTEP closure system

The SOFT INSTEP closure system is the core of your SIDI shoes. Pimp up your shoes with a huge choice...

Fra: 59

Sidi Techno 3 Push Long | item_misc
Sidi Techno 3 Push

The Sidi Techno 3 Push Long is a genuine Sidi spare.Reviews

Fra: 205

Sidi Pippo Coolmax Cycling Socks | Strømper
Sidi Pippo Coolmax Cycling

Sidi's Pippo Coolmax Cycling Socks are all about keeping your feet comfortable and fresh when pushin...

Fra: 65

Sidi Warm Thermolite Cycling Socks | Strømper
Sidi Warm Thermolite Cycling

Developed to keep feet warm as temperatures fall, Sidi's Warm Thermolite Cycling Socks use hollow-co...

Fra: 65

Sidi Wire Vernice Cykelsko (karbon) | Sko
Sidi Wire Vernice

Sidi Wire Vernice har pro-niveau teknologi for komfort og pasform

Fra: 1.873

Sidi SD15 MTB Shoe - black | Sko
Sidi SD15 MTB

The SD15 is a great mixture between MTB and Outdoor shoe. Because of its Outdoor outsole, the SD15 i...

Fra: 1.254

Sidi Wire Carbon Air Vernice | Sko > Tilbehør
Sidi Wire Air Vernice

The Sidi Carbon Air Vernice is well ventilated and features pro-level technology Description...

Fra: 1.590

Sidi Ergo 5 Road Shoes | Sko
Sidi Ergo 5

Kvalitet og funktionalitet falder sammen ved designet af denne cykelsko, der har centrum omkring...

Fra: 1.716

Sidi Studs for MTB-Shoes | Sko > Tilbehør
Sidi Studs MTB-Shoes

Maximum grip on muddy or slippery terrain is ensured with Sidi studs for MTB-Shoes.

Fra: 46

SIDI GENIUS 10 Road Shoes | Sko
Sidi GENIUS 10

SIDI’s classic GENIUS has been updated – the GENIUS 10 road cycling shoes by SIDI are a perfect ...

Fra: 1.641

Sidi MTB Defender - MTB Shoes | Sko
Sidi MTB Defender MTB

The super robust MTB Defender from SIDI is the ultimate enduro shoe. SIDI benefits from his experien...

Fra: 1.052

Sidi Techno 3 Push Short | item_misc
Sidi Techno 3 Push Short

The Sidi Techno 3 Push Short is a genuine Sidi spare.Reviews

Fra: 205

Sidi Tiger Carbon Mountainbike sko | Sko
Sidi Tiger

Sidi Tiger er innovativ, teknologisk, åndbar, let, aerodynamisk, præsterende, komfortabel...med an...

Fra: 1.617

Sidi Power Meryl Cycling Socks | Strømper
Sidi Power Meryl Cycling

When the heat is on and effort levels are high then the Power Meryl Cycling Socks from Sidi make sur...

Fra: 65

Sidi Tecno 3 Lukning Kort | Sko
Sidi Tecno 3 Lukning Kort

This Sidi Tecno 3 system short version is only suitable for the Sidi Wire and Drako shoes. This is t...

Fra: 226

Sidi MTB SRS Carbon Composite | Sko
Sidi MTB SRS Composite

Sidi MTB SRS Carbon Composite Inserts, suitable for SRS Carbon soles. Please note: it does not cover...

Fra: 312

Sidi Alba W Cykelsko Landevej | Sko
Sidi Alba W

The Sidi Alba W is a Woman's specific road bike shoe. This means that the shoes are tapered just lik...

Fra: 1.014

SIDI Caliper Buckle Black N06 | Sko
Sidi Caliper Buckle N06

SIDI Caliper Buckle Black N06

Fra: 130

Sidi MTB SD15 - MTB Shoes | Sko

The perfect bike shoe for touring and trekking riders. High-quality materials and the sophisticated ...

Fra: 1.052

Sidi MTB Sole Action SRS | Sko > Tilbehør
Sidi MTB Sole Action SRS

Original by SIDI! Interchangeable sole games for SIDI Spider SRS MTB Shoes (ONLY COMPA...

Fra: 195

SIDI SD15 MTB/trekking shoes | Sko
Sidi SD15 MTB trekking

The SIDI 15 MTB/trekking shoes perfectly combine the features of MTB and outdoor shoes.The SIDI clos...

Fra: 1.081

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