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2XU Perform Tri Singlet | Vests
2xu Perform Tri Singlet

Product Description Re-engineered for 2019 in accordance with RMIT University’s lates...

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2XU Performance Run Calf Sleeve | Compression
2xu Performance Run Calf Sleeve

Product Description The 2XU Compression Performance Run Sleeves provide the benefits of the...

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100% R-Core X Long Sleeve Jersey | Jerseys
100% R-Core X

Product Description R-Core X elevates our standard R-Core collection of Downhill / Endu...

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2XU Mid-Rise Womens Compression Tights | Compression
2xu Mid-Rise Compression

Product Description Engineered with our new wide waistband for greater coverage and support...

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100% Celium Shorts | Trousers

Product Description Celium Premium All Mountain riding apparel enhances the ride with t...

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2XU Active Womens 4.5" Tri Shorts | swim_clothes
2xu Active 4.5 quot Tri

Product Description Featuring performance fabrics and technologies, the Active triathlon co...

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assos SS.CentoJersey_Evo8 Herrer, volt yellow (2019) | Jerseys
Assos SS.CentoJersey Evo8 volt

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assos SS.EquipeJersey_Evo8 Herrer, national red (2019) | Jerseys
Assos SS.EquipeJersey Evo8 national

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Birzman Radio Pliers | tools_component
Birzman Radio Pliers

Product Description Professional quality 6”radio pliers with five different crimping zone...

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axant Expert Thermo Langærmet cykeltrøje Børn, blue (2019) | Jerseys
axant Expert Thermo

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axant A-Line Comp Cykelhjelm (2019) | Helmets
axant A-Line Comp

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Birzman Patch Kit for Puncture Repairs | Repair Kit
Birzman Patch Kit Puncture Repairs

Product Description Each Feextube set contains: Eraser-like shaped scraping tool fo...

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Birzman Pin Wrench | tools_component
Birzman Pin Wrench

Product Description Double-sided and adjustable design for use on bottom brackets, cran...

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Birzman 1/2 inch Ratchet Wrench | tools_component
Birzman 1 2 inch Ratchet Wrench

Product Description 1/2 " Mini head ratchet with a reversible switch that enables the ratch...

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Birzman 12 inch Carbon Saw Blade | tools_component
Birzman 12 inch Saw Blade

Product Description For use on most carbon tubes. Compatible with the 12" hacksaw. Occas...

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Axa Blueline50 Switch Cykellygter (2019) | item_misc
Axa Blueline50 Switch Cykellygter

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Birzman Axle & Spindle Vice Insert | item_misc
Birzman Axle amp Spindle Vice Insert

Product Description ∅ 5 / 9 / 10 / 12 / 15 / 21 / 25 / 36mm, 17-21 hex jaw openings.

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Crankalicious Gumchained Remedy Chain Cleaner | Chain clean
Crankalicious Gumchained Remedy Chain Cleaner

Product Description High performance chain cleaner/degreaser, to reduce chain friction caus...

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Crankalicious Limon Velo Degrease Spray / Bike Cleaner | polish_and_lubricant_component
Limon Degrease Spray Cleaner

Product Description Water-based active degreaser for fast, effective removal of oil, grease...

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Crankalicious Soapy Kit Wash Apparel Care | Body maintenance
Crankalicious Soapy Kit Wash Apparel Care

Product Description Deep cleaning, odour-removing kit wash formulated specifica...

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Cube Acid Trunk Bag | Rack bags
Acid Cube Trunk Bag

Product Description The waterproof exterior of the ACID TRUNK keeps your stuff dry, whi...

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Cube Action Team Roundneck Teamline Long Sleeve Jersey | Jerseys
Cube Action Roundneck Teamline

Product Description Less can sometimes be more. Our long sleeve ACTION Roundneck Jersey's l...

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Birzman Hollowtech II™ Bottom Bracket Socket | Bottom brackets
Birzman Hollowtech II Bottom Bracket Socket

Product Description Compatible with Shimano® Hollowtech II™ or other 16-notch ∅44m...

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Birzman Horizons Apogee Lite Mini Floor Pump | Track pumps
Birzman Horizons Apogee Lite Mini

Product Description A portable mini floor pump featuring a retractable stainless steel ...

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assos T.milleShorts_S7 Herrer, black series (2019) | Trousers
Assos T.milleShorts S7 series

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Blackburn Road Mirror (Brake Lever, Either Side) | Bike mirrors
Blackburn Mirror

Product Description Designed for use either side of brake lever hoods on road handlebars

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Blackburn Wayside 19 Function Multi Tool | multi_tools_component
Blackburn Wayside 19 Function Multi Tool

Product Description Remember that time on the trail when your brake lever reach went out of...

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assos Suisse Fed Cykeltrøje Herrer, sui (2019) | Jerseys
Assos Suisse Fed sui

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100% Essential Pullover Hoodie | Jerseys
100% Essential Pullover Hoodie

Product Description You give 100% on your bike. You shouldn't have to put the same effo...

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