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Meridian Peanut Bar (18 x 40g) | Styr
174 DKK
Meridian Peanut Bar (18 x 40g) | Styr
The Meridian Peanut Bar is made using their own Peanut Butter and is crammed with 55% Peanuts, offering 8g of natural protein. There are no hidden 'nasties' and each bar is dairy free, soya free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


A delicious protein bar that can be enjoy as part of a varied & balanced diet or as a Pre or Post workout snack. The Meridian peanut bar is packed with 55% peanuts making it one of the healthiest snack bars available. The bars are made with Meridian's popular nut butters and are wheat free, and suitable for vegans. Providing a natural energy boost, the Meridian almond bars can be enjoyed anytime of the day, as a quick breakfast bite or snack for those short on time; they are a healthy addition to a lunchbox or eaten post exercise to replenish energy levels and boost recovery. Meridian bars are an ideal recovery food as they provide protein and carbohydrate, a combination that promotes speedy muscle repair after exercising, and replenishes muscle fuel.

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Meridian Peanut Bar (18 x 40g) | Styr
Meridian Peanut Bar (18 x 40g)
174 DKK
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