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Designed by trail runners for trail runners, Exposure's HT1000 Head Torch is not only perfect for exploring the outdoors at night on foot, but is also great for your late night riding missions and bike-packing adventures.

  • Powerful XPL2 Cree LED emits 1000 lumens to provide perfect visibility at night
  • Lithium-Ion battery provides between 1.5 – 48 hours of runtime between modes
  • Easy to use USB recharge cable and takes just 5 hours to fully charge
  • Incredibly durable and water resistant aluminium construction designed to last a lifetime

The HT1000 Head Torch helps you light the way at night. Thanks to it's powerful 1000 lumen XPL2 Cree LED, the HT1000 has more than enough power for trail running and is also perfectly at home for day to day use. Fed up of stumbling round after a night ride trying to fit your bike in the car? You need the Exposure HT1000.

The HT1000's Lithium-Ion battery provides between 1.5 to 48 hours of run time depending on the mode being used. it's rear mounted battery helps stabilise the units weight, keeping it in place even when running. The strap is also highly adjustable, so it will fit your head perfectly. The colour coded battery feedback clearly displays the remaining runtime, making it easy for you to check how long much battery life the light has left.

Nobody likes the thought of having yet another charger and neither do exposure. The simple USB recharge cable is easily transportable and easy to use, allowing recharging of the battery almost anywhere you have access to a USB port. The incredibly durable and water resistant aluminium construction is built to withstand a lifetimes worth of abuse, so you can be sure that the HT1000 will go the distance, just like you will.

Lightweight, powerful and incredibly durable, the Exposure HT1000 Head Torch is perfect for the adventurer in you and will be an able companion and your night time activities for years to come.


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