Cateye - Volt 400 XC Rapid Mini Light Set 400 25 Lumen

Cateye Volt 400 XC/Rapid Mini Light Set - 400/25 Lumen | Lygtesæt
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The Cateye Volt 400 Xc and Rapid mini rear light set is a great choice if you are finding yourself commuting to and from work more often than not. The Volt 400 XC is a great front light, producing 400 lumens and boasting a 20 hour maximum run time you are sure to get good use out of this light. With 4 modes you are able to cycle through them with the 1 use button on top. When the light runs out of battery, simply plug the USB cable into your light and a laptop, computer or wall plug to charge the light.
339 DKK