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A multifunctional front light that is the ideal companion to your active urban lifestyle


Mounting System

Blackburn’s Dayblazer 400 Front Light comes with a wide level of mounting capability. The integrated silicone mount fits diameters from 15-35mm and also comes with an attachment clip that can be used for clothing, bags, or racks.


To save you the constant hassle of having to swap in and out batteries the Dayblazer is USB rechargeable. The light comes with micro-USB charging cable which allows you to recharge the light via any standard USB port which can be found easily and universally. To make sure you know when it’s time to charge the light comes with a small LED battery light gauge that will let you know when your light’s battery is getting low so you never have to worry about getting caught out in a black out situation.

Side Visibility

When cycling through built up urban areas you’ll often find yourself having to deal with other road users coming towards you from various different angles. Blackburn have therefore specially designed the Dayblazer’s beam to spread the light created and provides excellent side visibility which will help you to stay visible in even the most hectic of road conditions.

Light Modes

The light comes with four different light modes which can easily be toggled between to find the best possible light mode for your current environment or battery life. The light modes included are:

Blitz: 400 lumens light output – 1 hours battery life

Low: 200 lumens light output – 5 hours battery life

Pulse: 200 lumens light output – 6 hours battery life

Strobe: 200 lumens light output – 10 hours battery life

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Priser fra: 222 til 279 DKK

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