Cane creek - Thudbuster ST Suspension Seatpost

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Product Description

Cane Creek Thudbuster ST Suspension seatpost combines all the benefits of the original Thudbuster design, in a smaller package.

The Thudbuster ST uses a shorter parallel-linkage mechanism; ideal for riders looking to take the edge off bumps with less of a weight penalty.

Key Features:

  • Shorter linkage design gives 1.3 inch of active friction-free travel
  • The single elastomer can be changed to fit your size and riding style


  • Post: Forged aluminium
  • Linkage: Forged and CNC machined aluminium
  • Pivots: Stainless steel axles with PTFE-impregnated sintered-bronze bushings
  • Elastomers: Single rubber unit with various spring rates
  • Travel: 1.3 inches (33mm)
  • Length: 353mm (403mm, 27.2 xl)
  • Weight: 454 - 474g (depending on post diameter) (489g, 27.2 xl)
  • Max. Rider Weight: 250 lbs.
  • Extension: Minimum - 98mm / Maximum - 251mm (301mm 27.2 xl)
  • Diameter (Direct Fit): 25.4, 26.8, 27.0, 27.2, 27.2xl, 30.9, 31.6, 33.9 (additional diameters available with shim)

1.137 DKK