Mozartt - HXR.carbon ISCG 05 Chain Guide

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Mozartt HXR Carbon chain guide for one chainring & rough terrain

The Chainguid's unique design not only protects the chainring and chain from shocks and rocks, but also keeps the chain in the desired position. The upper guide is easy to mount and as no part of the chain touches the chain, there is no annoying noise.

Features of the Mozartt HXR Carbon Chain Guide

  • ISCG 05 compatible
  • chainring range: 28T – 34T
  • aluminium 7075 T651 backplate / CNC machined
  • backplate thickness 5,5mm
  • color. black
  • guarantee: 2 years

You like tech talk?

The carbon fibers are about 5-10 µm diameter and composed mostly of carbon atoms. For every tow, 3000 of fibers are bundled together and woven into a fabric. For each chain guide, Mozartt uses over 50 layers of fabric, which are filled with resin, heated and pressed to get maximum stiffness, high tensile strength and low weight. If the sheet is ready, Mozartt use high precision CNC machines to shape the back plate of bash guard, to be sure they will produce the lightest and most durable chainring protection on the market. The bash guard could be easy removed just with one tool in case on an emergency on the track.

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