Campagnolo - Veloce 10-speed

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CAMPAGNOLO Veloce Bagskifter 10-speed, black (2020) | Bagskiftere
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Campagnolo's attention to detail and the search for performance are applied to the entire range of products and are therefore integrated into every step of the design and production process, including the Veloce vector group. The craftsman's precision and experience in manufacturing make Veloce an "Entry Level" shifting group only on paper. The name ‘Veloce’ translates as ‘Speed’ and reflects how its components, from the Ergopower brake levers to the extremely precise rear derailleur, are all designed for exactly this. The care in construction is such that the performance and precision of Veloce will accompany you on all cycling marathons and all training rides that your legs can withstand. Veloce, quick in the DNA.

The Veloce system raises the standard of 10-speed shifting systems and leads them to peak performance. The design of the oversize parallelogram (which was already used in the 11-speed groups) is "comprehensive" and ensures extremely fast, precise and quiet shifting.

Features and benefits

Upper and lower rear derailleur body with exclusive Ultra-Shift design
Reduced weight, reduced play, precise shifting.

Aluminium parallelogram according to exclusive Ultra-Shift
geometry Maximum rigidity of the rear derailleur, fast shifting, maximum precision, minimum play.

Special plastic
pulleys reduce frictional resistance - low-noise running.

Ultra-Shift System
Technologies The Campagnolo Ultra-Shift lever is generally considered to be the fastest and most precise. Thanks to the patented Ultra-Shift system, the chain can be simultaneously shifted by three sprockets when shifting down and up to five sprockets when shifting up. The design of the levers also offers a smoother shifting, characterised by the typical "click" of Campagnolo levers.
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