Fox - 34 Step-Cast Float FIT4 Factory 27.5 29 Fork 120mm 51mm Offset Tapered Boost 15x110mm

Fox 34 Step-Cast Float FIT4 Factory 27.5+/29
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Own the Trail.

Efficient comfort in its most beautiful form. The new Fox 34 Step-Cast is particularly convincing in the marathon segment as well as for long, extensive trail rides. A lightweight workhorse suitable for demanding terrain and equipped with enough suspension travel to maintain control when things get rough.

Weight savings are attributed to external lower casting steps, hollow lower section, and shortened shaft lengths – the same lightweight 8mm damper shaft as the 32 Step-Cast. The dedicated air spring and damper tune are specific for this travel range, with a lighter tune at mid and higher velocities. Version with 51 mm offset.

With a new 8 mm damper shaft and a weight savings of 35grams, the updated FIT4 provides more sensitivity while maintaining support during aggressive riding. Modifications to tuning and design center the low speed compression adjustment further, providing a more usable range. The fourth generation of the patentedFIT4 (Fox Isolated Technology) closed cartridge system provides three on-the-fly compression damping positions. Use theOPEN mode during rough descending, theMEDIUM mode for undulating terrain and theFIRM mode for smooth climbing. The Factory Series forks feature an additional 22 clicks of low-speed compression adjust in the Open mode, allowing riders to fine-tune their exact damping preferences.

TheFLOAT air spring system is light and reduces the force to initiate travel, providing excellent sensitivity and small bump compliance for all riders and pressure settings. It features positive and negative air springs that automatically equalize during use to give each rider the right pressure balance.

A more linear spring curve gives EVOL forks and shocks plushness off the top, extra mid-stroke support, and more tunable bottom-out progression, allowing riders to tap into the ideal pairing of front and rear-end feel. TheEVOL technology from rear shocks is now integrated into all FOX forks. EVOL increases negative air spring volume, specifically positioned and sized for optimum small bump sensitivity.

The progressiveness of the FLOAT air spring curve can be adjusted via air volume spacers, allowing riders to fine-tune the feel of the air spring.

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