Rockshox - Monarch RT3 Rear Shock

RockShox Monarch RT3 Rear Shock - black | Bagdæmper
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Super-plush suspension performance in a new lightweight design - the Monarch floats over bumps even smoother than before, turning rugged trails into tire-gripping velvet.

With the Rapid Recovery rebound- system the Monarch provides a perfect damping. The system "swallows" fast successive hits and guarantee enough travel for bigger hits and big drops. Furthermore the Monarch gets new seals and a better compression canal for a perfect setting and smooth and supple response characteristic.

The chassis is lean while maintaining the durability and adjustability needed to bite off huge chunks of epic cross country and burly trail action. Combining a redesigned Solo Air spring with updated damping controls, the Monarch hits the perfect balance between bump performance and efficiency.

The spring rate of the light and plushSolo Air spring can be adjusted using just one valve, effectively filling the positive and negative air chamber simultaneously. TheDebon Air technology adds volume to the shock's main air spring, and also to its negative spring. That's moderate the spring rate and therefore offers a more sensitive and bottomless rear.

DebonAir ONLY is offered in the versions with 51 mm and 57 mm travel.

The hydraulic damping with IFP (independent floating piston) offers excellent performance with a 3 Position Floodgate allowing the rider to easily choose the setting best suited for a variety of situations.
Suspension shouldn't wallow in rock gardens or buck after big drops. That's why theDual Flow rebound incorporates two independent damping circuits allowing for separate rebound speeds for big hits and small ones. An user-adjustable dial controls the beginning-stroke (small hit) rebound and a factory set ending-stroke (big hit) rebound creates the perfect suspension for whatever the trail might offer.

Note: Please contact the manufacturer of your bike or frame about the spring characteristics the frame is designed for (progressive, degressive or constant).
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