Maurten - Gel 100 Carbohydrates 6 x 40g Sachet

MAURTEN Gel 100 with Carbohydrates - 6 x 40g Sachet | Energigels
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Revolutionary energy gel with exclusively natural ingredients. Especially kind to the stomach.
Hydrogel based energy gel from calcium, electrolytes and carbohydrates.

MAURTEN - Sports nutrition of the next generations

Energy supply during competitions has always been a challenge for endurance athletes. Due to the intensive strain, the body needs energy, whereby consuming high amounts of carbohydrates during physical effort can result in slower gastric emptying and GI distressat.

In collaboration with numerous universities and top athletes, Maurten has developed a new method to drastically increase the amount of carbohydrates supplied through hydrogel technology without any side effects for digestion.

From a technical perspective, traditional gels are water and carbohydrates simply mixed into syrups, often containing added flavors and preservatives. The GEL 100 is completely different. It is a biopolymer matrix, filled with a unique blend of fructose and glucose (ratio of 0.8:1). The hydrogel makes the absorption of up to 100 grams of carbohydrates per hour tolerable, because it encapsulates carbohydrates and salts and allows a rapid transport of nutrients into the intestines, where they are finally absorbed. The gel is based on six natural ingredients, has no colorants or preservatives and is available in 40 g portions containing 60% carbohydrates - a high energy-to-weight ratio. With this product athletes have the necessary power to finally unfold their full potential - naturally and stomach-friendly.

How the MAURTEN hydrogel technology works:

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