Trickstuff - Ferodo Superformula Bremsevæske 500ml

Trickstuff Ferodo Superformula Bremsevæske 500ml (2019) | Bremseskiver og -klodser
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If you want to achieve the best braking performance, you have to use first-class hydraulic fluids. And with Ferodo's Superformula you get the most out of your brake!

Boiling Point
DOT5.1 boils at 270°C, that's already decent and almost requires conscious provocation to achieve this. Only a brake fluid for DOT brakes can top this: Ferodo Superformula only boils at 330°C and thus protects better against overheating than all other competitor products.

Not Only Important for Racing Use
The problem of overheated brakes is not only faced by xc-riders during hard braking manoeuvres on long downhill runs, but above all on alpine descents combined with luggage and less experienced riders during the infamous continuous braking manoeuvres. Every rider will benefit from the sensational quality of Superformula.

No matter if DOT5.1 or Superformula - at Trickstuff only one thing counts: highest quality. That's why the products are made by the British company FERODO, one of the world's leading manufacturers of brake components for racing cars and racing motorcycles. Trickstuff was exclusively commissioned with the distribution of the unique Superformula brake fluid and also provides technical advice.

Superformula and DOT5.1 are mixable with each other and with DOT4. They are not compatible with DOT5. (However, there is virtually no bicycle brake that operates with DOT5).

Pressure Stability
DOT5.1 is already very good and even used for car and truck traffic. Superformula beats the pressure stability of DOT5.1 once again and thus ensures even lower-loss power transmission at the brake.


  • Fully compatible with DOT 4 and DOT 5.1
  • Maximum compressive strength
  • Extremely low viscosity
  • Boiling point 330°C

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