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SRAM Guide R Skivebremse Forhjul, black (2019) | Bremseskiver og -klodser
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Bremseskiver og -klodser
What’s it going to take to ride that line? It's steep and rocky. You've passed it a hundred times - but not today. With the all-new SRAM Guide R, you have the power. Proven 4-piston calipers give you smooth, one-finger control. Features like Reach Adjust let you dial it in just right. In addition, Guide is the perfect complement to other SRAM components and ensures flawless performance every time you ride.

MatchMaker compatible technologies

With Matchmaker you save weight and space on your handlebars. This system accepts Avid brake levers, numerous SRAM trigger switches and RockShox PushLoc buttons in the form of a lightweight and neat clamp.

PiggyBack Reservoir
The brake fluid reservoir in SRAM's current lever design is designed for optimum performance and easy handling. The PiggyBack reservoir offers a simple and safe solution for controlling the brake fluid and also allows the levers to be mounted on both sides - so you can swap your levers on the handlebars and brake as easily as on a motorcycle.

PURE - Bubble
SRAM's new brake lever design incorporates a new bubble shape called Pure that regulates and reduces air bubbles. The bladder is specifically shaped to evacuate air from the lever and push the fluid exactly where it’s needed. The result is improved back pressure relief for reliable and constant braking performance.

Grip width adjustment
If you can control your ride with just one finger, it is extremely important to adjust the brake handles exactly to the unique shape of your hands. This is exactly why all SRAM brake levers offer a grip width adjustment.

Timing Port Closure
The synchronising port of a hydraulic brake is the connection between the reservoir and the main cylinder bore. When the lever is squeezed, a cup seal passes this area and closes the port, which pressurizes the system. SRAM’s new timing port closure system features durable seals and an ultra-smooth cylinder bore finish, producing dependable braking power and consistency.


  • Brake lever mounting possible on both sides
  • Matchmaker X and Grip Shift compatible
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