transfil - Campagnolo Brake Cable Inner

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Transfil Campagnolo Road Brake Cable Inner | Bremsekabler
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Transfil Campagnolo Road Brake Cable Inner | Bremsekabler
For 50 years Transfil has created, developed, tested and manufactured brake and gear systems for your bike in conformity with the leading bike and component manufacturers. Description Transfil is situated in the heart of France, at the base of the volcanoes where nature thrives in splendour. This region is also a genuine ground for innovation and know-how. Diversity of pleasures, diversity of uses, diversity of needs. A cable is composed of an inner core and an outer core. The inner core is composed of one steel thread surrounded by 6 threads making one strand. At this point, a simple strand or multi-strand cable can be produced. The composition of a single strand cable is (1+6) + 12 = 19 threads, and a multi-strand is (1+6) x 7 = 49 threads. Lasers have been set in place to increase production as well as to control the diameter on a permanent basis and in case of any anomalies stop the machine. Each laser sends out the information acquired to a central computer unit where statistics and analysis can be retrieved. Read More
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Transfil Campagnolo Road Brake Cable Inner | Bremsekabler
Transfil Campagnolo Road Brake Cable Inner
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18 DKK
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