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The Wahoo Kickr 2018 Power Trainer has undergone a number of new updates, compared to its 2017 variant. For example, the KICKR makes less noise than its predecessors. Its maximum wattage has gone from 2000 watts to 2200 watts, resulting in a percentage increase of up to 20%. The Wahoo KICKR of course still has all the fantastic features of its predecessors. Because if it's good enough for the "marginal gains" of Team Sky, you can expect high quality. For them, it is important that the equipment delivers reliable data and rides as natural as possible.

Suitable for almost every bike

The KICKR Core is suitable for bikes with a standard 130 and 135mm quick release mounting width. Ideal for both road and mountain bikes. They consider the compatibility for through axles. Both 12 x 142, as well as 'Boost' 12 x 148. More space has been created for bicycles with disc brakes. Any bike with a wheel size from 24 to 29 inches can easily be replaced into the KICKR Core bike trainer.

High wattage and great gradients

The wattage measurement is even more accurate than with the Wahoo KICKR Snap and can generate up to 2200 watts maximum. Gradient percentages can be simulated up to 20%. The algorithms have been adapted so that you will experience a super realistic cycling feeling during climbing and sprinting. The change of resistance flows exceptionally smoothly into each other without feeling shaky. Especially in acceleration, deceleration, uphill and downhill riding on Zwift, for example, this is very important and much more realistic than ever before.

Suitable for Wahoo KICKR Climb

The Wahoo KICKR Core also supports theWahoo KICKR Climb , of course. When the KICKR Climb is connected, it reacts directly to the data of the virtual track. From your front fork, your bike will move up and down. This way you are in the same position as if you were climbing or descending. This will make your climbing muscles more realistic and will improve your climbing techniqueNote: The Wahoo KICKR Climb is not included in the package.

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Produktet indeholder

• Wahoo KICKR power trainer
• Cassette 11-speed
• Quick-release
• Power cable
• RPM Cadence sensor
• Spacer for mounting 8, 9 and 10 speed cassettes
• Adaptors for 130mm and 135mm Quick Release
• Adapter for 12x142mm and 12x148mm PTO through axle

Apps and programs(after registration in the Wahoo Fitness App)
• 60 days free Strava Premium
• 7 days for free Zwift
• 30 days free Trainer Road
• 60 days free Sufferfest
• 60 days free kinomap
• 30 days for free Rouvy

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