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Tubus Fly Classic Carrier - black | item_misc
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The Tubus Fly is ideal for light weight applications. At only 330 grams (without mounting parts) the Fly is a carrier for purists, who expect minimum weight combined with maximum usability. The Fly carries up to 18 kilos. As a result of its small load floor the Fly is perfect to use as a luggage bag carrier. The Fly attaches with a single strut to the brake bridge suitable for 26" - as well as for 28"(700c)- bicycles with narrow to mid width tires.

Attention: Tubus rear carriers can be mounted to any bike which has eyelets with an inner diameter of at least 5mm or M5 threads and no rear suspension. If your frame has no eyelets to mount a rear carrier, in most situations installation is still possible with Tubus adaptors.

A dimension drawing is available as pdf download.
431 DKK

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