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Introducing the LiteLok GOLD Wearable – a longer, lightweight, flexible, super strong lock, that you can now transport with ease. LiteLok is one of the most innovative locks in the cycle industry, and now they can sit comfortably around your body and won’t get in the way of your cycling. Meeting all British and international lock quality standards, it has rightly been awarded with the Sold Secure Gold level, the highest security rating awarded by the independent testing and certification house.
The strap of the Litelok Gold Wearable is made from our patented material called Boaflexicore, which is a high-tensile metal & polymer composite. Featuring a clever lock stopper, that keeps the LiteLok securely fastened around your body without locking so you don’t need a key. It acts as a quick release mechanism to open and close the Litelok, letting you easily put it on and off. When it’s time to secure your bike, simply take the Litelok off your hips, remove the Lock Stopper and then click together to lock your bike as normal. Coming in 3 different sizes, it will fit a variety of cyclists.
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