Fwe - Helmet Bracket For 80 Lumen Front 15 Lumen Rear USB Light

FWE Helmet Bracket For 80 Lumen Front/15 Lumen Rear USB Light | item_misc
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Genuine FWE helmet bracket spare which increases the versatility of the FWE USB rechargeable front and rear lights from the set EV215304 and the individual lights EV244785 and EV244786. The quarter turn bracket features a 30 cm Velcro strap to allow it to fit all types of helmet vents, with a tilt function which allows the light to be positioned at the optimum angle for visibility. The bracket can also be used with any GoPro compatible fittings on K-Edge/Garmin/Go-Pro accessories. As shown in the photos this can free up bar space and centralise your light.