Bosch - Diamant UBARI 500Wh Low Entrance

Diamant UBARI + 500Wh Low Entrance E-Bike - iridium silver metallic | item_misc
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Comfort, reliability and safety: everything that makes a success model.

Diamants Ubari+ models come with a newly developed frame that provides more stability and riding comfort. The battery and motor are better integrated into the frame concept than before.
In order to choose your individual companion you need as many options as possible. Therefore Diamant offers in the e-bike Comfort line several frame sizes, different shapes, colors and battery positions as well as various components and battery capacities.
The E-Bike Comfort models are supported by either the new and even quieter Bosch Active Line engine or the Deluxe models with the new Bosch Active Line Plus engine, which bring their energy comfortably onto the road with wide tires.
The Ubari+ is equipped with the new Bosch Active middle-engine with 250 watts of power. The Bosch Power Pack 500 serves as a rechargeable battery without a memory effect. As a braking system works the powerful Shimano M315 disc brake. The bike is practically equipped with all necessary components for everyday use. These include fenders, a sturdy rear wheel rack with a spring flap, an integrated ring lock and, of course, a solid lighting system. In order to be able to master all ups and downs without problems, a Shimano 9-speed gear shift with Deore rear derailleur and Altus-Rapidfire shifter is used.
On all Diamant frames, Diamant guarantees a 40 year warranty from date of purchase.
18.013 DKK
18.013 DKK

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