Haibike - XDURO Nduro 5.0 Electric

Haibike XDURO Nduro 5.0 - 2019 Electric Bike | City-cykler
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Haibike XDURO NDURO 5.0 - 2019

Haibike's latest 2019 series of Industry-Changing E-bikes.

Haibike have taken the E-bike industry by storm for the past years and continue to bring amazingly new concepts to the market. This year bringing the NDURO models.


  • Haibike Carbon Frame
    High quality and strong frame form, made by the engineers from Haibike.
  • Haibike remote
    For a central interface between the rider and the system, Haibikes developed a remote that can be used to operate with.
  • Haibike Display
    A colour display just above the stem with a transflective screen, making it easy to read in all environments any time of the day.
  • Twin Tail lights
    Two rear lights integrated into the frame, allowing you to keep on riding after sunset and keeping safe.
  • Haibike SkidPlate
    A plastic shock-resistant shield to protect your bike from scratches and motor damage
  • Haibike Motor
    In Germany, the Haibike motor was born. An extra strong power packaging ensuring you have the necessary power when needed.
  • Haibike Chain Ring
    Available in 38t/42t. A carefully designed Direct Mounted chain ring made to withstand any tension.
  • Haibike Battery
    630 Wh / 48 Volt storage filled battery, densely fitted into a smaller package.
  • Haibike Speed Sensor Disc
    With 18 points around the brake disc sending signals to a reciever, you can be sure your measured speed is up to date very quickly.

The XDURO Nduro series offers a range of models with 180 mm of travel, combined with sporty geometry and a build capable of handling the toughest terrain.

The NDURO models in the lineup with our all new FLYON ePerformance system were designed to get you to the top of your favourite trails faster than ever before, ready to shred back down, again, and again.

Whilst other motors struggle to stay over 15 km/h on steep climbs, our HPR 120S motor with 120 Nm of torque keeps you at a steady 25 km/h in the new XTREME mode! Flying uphill was never this fun before!

Priser fra : 48.305 Til 48.358 DKK

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