Haibike - SDURO Cross 6.0 Electric

Haibike SDURO Cross 6.0 - 2019 Electric Bike | City-cykler
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Haibike SDURO Cross 6.0 - 2019

Haibike's latest 2019 series of Industry-Changing E-bikes.

Haibike have taken the E-bike industry by storm for the past years and continue to bring amazingly new concepts to the market. This year bringing the Cross models.


  • Haibike SkidPlate
    A plastic shock-resistant shield to protect your bike from scratches and motor damage
  • Yamaha multi-switch TFT display
    Big 2.8“-colour display with clear readability and control over connectivity functions with which several displays can be configured for different modes.
  • The new Yamaha PW-SE drive unit
    The new Yamaha PW-SE motor is as powerful and reliable like its predecessor. In addition, it provides improved cadence support up to 110 rpm and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Double chain ring option
    The Yamaha PW-SE motor gives you the possibility to change chain rings on the go.
  • Haibike Intube battery concept (IBC)
    With the battery being internally stored into the frame, the bike can keep it's sleek looks along the frame.
  • Modular Rail System (MRS)
    A simple and fast mounting system to quickly change equipment on the bike.

The SDURO Cross models offer an upright sitting position especially for long bike tours. Both drives provide performance and reliability in order to focus on having fun, whether on gentle terrain, forest tracks, or riding through the city.


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