Cube - Stereo Hybrid 120 Hpc SL 500 Electric

Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 Hpc SL 500 - 2019 Electric Bike | City-cykler
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For our brand new Stereo Hybrid 120 SL model we took everything we know about building high performance e-MTBs, and combined it with our engineers' experience in carbon frame construction. The result? A uniquely light, sleek and lively hybrid full suspension bike that will redefine your expectations. Using Bosch's in-tube technology to incorporate the battery and motor into the down tube, we were able to reduce weight, improve handling and boost comfort levels even further than before. Combined with a spec sheet that includes a Fox 34 fork with matching shock, plus Shimano's peerless XT gears and brakes for the ultimate in performance and reliability, it makes for a bike that will take you further - and faster - than you thought possible.

There's no doubt that designing a trail-ready carbon full suspension e-MTB is a major challenge, but that's the kind of thing that gets our engineers all fired up. With a clean sheet of paper and a brief to improve on everything that we'd done before, they started by building a sleek down tube that fully encases the battery and, with a bash plate, the motor too. Protected from dust, water and rocks, the new setup doesn't just look good, it reduces the bike's centre of gravity too, for greater comfort and livelier handling in all trail conditions. Internal cable routing keeps gears shifting cleanly for longer with minimal maintenance, while the Boost rear end helps improve steering precision no matter how rough the trail. As you'd expect, our renowned Agile Ride Geometry means that this is a bike that rides as good as it looks, with precisely the right blend of agility and stability to keep you coming back for more.

Frame and Wheel Size: 27.5: 16" // 29: 18", 20", 22"

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