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Garmin Vivosport Smart Activity Tracker

The Vivosport is Garmin’s latest addition to their activity tracking range. The device is small, sleek and can be used 24-7 to track your performance history as you grow and develop as an athlete.


The Vivosport comes integrated with GPS so that your activity can be tracked wherever you are. It will track you whether you’re climbing a mountain, running on a treadmill inside a gym, or you’re sat at home watching TV. Syncing the tracker to Garmin Connect, via your phone or desktop, you can easily keep track of your location and receive all your activity data wherever you are on the globe.

Fitness Monitoring

When training it’s extremely important to track your performance so you can track your progress so that you can kick-start the motivation you really need to boost yourself to your potential. The Vivosport therefore gives you all the information and data you need. The device tracks several different metrics but its main source of information is the inbuilt heart rate monitor that appears in the wrist of the device. With the heart rate recording function of the device the Vivosport estimates your VO2 max and fitness age which are two health indicators that you can improve over time.


The Vivosport has been built for every day wear and therefore has been modelled to be super slim and lightweight. The device is warn like a watch and yet comes across as more of a trendy bracelet that will add, rather than detract, from any look. Completely waterproof you can wear the Vivosport when taking part in water sports, swimming or showering. The display screen is made from chrome, full coloured, and a touch screen making it super easy and functional to use even in direct sunlight.


  • Comes with charging cable
  • Tracks your activity in and outside
  • 24-7 tracking
  • Colour chrome display screen
  • Battery lasts up to 7 days
  • Built-in GPS

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