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A stylish, streamlined, wrist based device that can be worn to track your activity 24/7. Gives you the best, and most advanced in training metrics to help boost your performance and achieve your goals


Everywhere and Anywhere

The Vivosport has been fully integrated with GPS to give you the freedom to take your activities anywhere. Whether you are taking a run in the park or you’re training on a treadmill the device will still be able to track your distance, time, speed, and pace and even map it all out for you via the Garmin Connect App. The Vivosport is also preloaded with tonnes of additional timed activities, including strength training and cardio.

Fitness and Stress Tracking

The wrist-based nature of the Vivosport means that you can take it everywhere and anywhere which allows you to constantly track your activity whether you’re working out or not. The device helps monitor the key aspects of not only your fitness but also your wellness. The wrist of the watch includes a heart rate monitor that rids you the need of having to wear an inconvenient heart rate monitor round your chest or arm. Your heart rate is one of the most obvious signs of your physical fitness and also your stress levels. The Vivosport therefore helps you stay aware of the times when physical or emotional sources cause your stress level to rise so that you can find a way to relieve the pressure.

Slim and Vibrant

The Vivosport has purposefully been designed so that it is super slim and stylish so that you can wear the activity tracker all day, every day. Looking much like a high gadget watch or even as a bracelet the device is discreet and will simply help bling up your look wherever you are. The display screen is touchscreen and comes in full colour and is bright enough that you’ll be able to read it even in direct sunlight.

Get Connected

Pair the device to your compatible smartphone and you’ll have access to even more features and modes. You can receive notifications from your phone right to the display face of your device. This includes text messages, social media updates, emails, phone call alerts and more. You can also access music controls using LiveTracker and connect to the Garmin Connect App for lots of different additions including sharing options.

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