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Assos Liberty RS23 thermo rain jersey - Black | Trøjer
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2.609 DKK
Assos LIBERTY RS23 Thermo Rain Jersey | Trøjer
Assos LIBERTY RS23 Thermo Rain Jersey | Trøjer
Assos LIBERTY RS23 Thermo Rain Jersey | Trøjer
Assos LIBERTY RS23 Thermo Rain Jersey | Trøjer
Assos LIBERTY RS23 Thermo Rain Jersey | Trøjer
Cykeltrøjer Korte ærmer Landevejscykling
Assos Liberty RS23 thermo rain jersey - Black Liberty entered the platoon of professionals for the first time in 2017 through a series of prototypes, each designed on the basis of the opinions obtained by BMC Racing Team riders to fill the gaps they had noticed in their garment arsenal. After conducting numerous tests we can finally present the light raincoat for professionals: the EQUIPE RS Thermo Rain, known as "Liberty". As indicated by the internal label, Liberty is classified as "rainproof thermal race equipment". It has been rigorously designed in such a way as to guarantee all the necessary impermeability and aerodynamics possible with a small footprint, exactly what is needed to offer the best performance. In contrast to the rainproof thermal jerseys created according to a conventional approach, Liberty relies on our non-porous Stratagon Light fabric, which remains light and capable of giving the best even when wet. So we are not surprised when other teams participating in the World Tour have expressed their interest in buying this product for their athletes. For the precise positioning of 5 fabrics, 13 designs and 10 components we have based on the body mapping technology for cyclists to ensure that the mesh maintains aerodynamics and at the same time withstands wind, rain and low temperatures. There are also numerous features to improve the performance of Liberty: the squamoVenTech rear access for greater ventilation, a reduction in the number of seams to minimize the risk of water filters, a double bi-directional zip, a large reflective panel on the back for better visibility, three well positioned rear pockets made of a breathable mesh and, finally, thermo-taped seams. The distinctive design of Liberty is based on the latest ASSOS technology: HI-AMtec (HeatInject - AccessMap). The left pectoral panel that covers the heart of the cyclist is enriched by a layer of our Schloss Tex, so as to ensure greater heat and promote blood circulation by directly protecting the source. This is in line with the goal of ASSOS to reduce the volume while pedaling: we want to make sure that the cyclists are equipped for any condition without having to manage a larger footprint. Stratagon Light: a waterproof and windproof breathable material, developed together with our fabric suppliers to ensure that it meets our needs. This material allows us to create extremely effective and lightweight protective panels. Waterproofing over 20 m, high breathability of 35,000 g / m2 / 24 h calculated with the inverted glass method. Schloss Tex: specially designed for this purpose, this is the lightest and most waterproof outer fabric. Stretch, extremely comfortable and super foldable, this 3-layer fabric offers excellent resistance to abrasion and is equipped with a hydrophilic membrane. Water resistance above 10 m. High breathability in terms of water vapor permeability (MVP) of 27,100 g / m2 / 24 h, JIS L 1099 B-1: 2006. On the Liberty, it is used internally on the left side of the chest to maintain warmth at the heart and promote blood circulation. Reflex: highly reflective rear panel for pedaling in low light conditions. squamoVenTech: ventilation openings strategically positioned on the upper back. racingFit: the Liberty jersey is proof of the ability of ASSOS to pack high-performance garments designed for cycling using fabrics designed for a single purpose: to improve the performance of cyclists. Molded to fit your body while you're in the saddle, conform and follow your movements thanks to the Aero Racing performing anatomic fit. Tech Sheen: three heat-taped rear pockets with raw cut, optimally positioned, made of waterproof material. Minimum overall dimensions and risk of abrasion. Lined with Tech Sheen 3D open mesh fabric for improved breathability and sweat adjustment. Cordura: an aerodynamic and waterproof fabric used on the neck. Thermo-taped seams: on the shoulders and on the front zip to increase the waterproof properties of the shirt. Wide elastic hem: added to improve stability and wearability, with silicone piping to ensure a secure race fit. DWR: we have finished the knit with our water-repellent DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treatment to add an extra layer of protection against the elements. Double taped zip: double zip, light and thin for a personalized adjustment according to different situations. An anti-lint protection eliminates the risk of abrasion in contact with shorts with braces. Live cut edges: now characterized by a more ergonomic cut compared to the previous models, the cutting edge design made with ultrasonic welding ensures that both the sleeves and the neck are comfortable and able to withstand the elements, keeping the speed extremely high.
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Assos LIBERTY RS23 Thermo Rain Jersey | Trøjer
Assos Liberty RS23 thermo rain jersey - Black
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2.609 DKK
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Assos LIBERTY RS23 Thermo Rain Jersey | Trøjer
Assos LIBERTY RS23 Thermo Rain Jersey
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Cykeltrøjer Korte ærmer Landevejscykling nylon
Assos LIBERTY RS23 Thermo Rain Jersey | Trøjer
Assos Liberty RS23 Thermo Rain Jersey
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Assos LIBERTY RS23 Thermo Rain Jersey | Trøjer
Assos Liberty RS23 Thermo Rain Jersey
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Assos LIBERTY RS23 Thermo Rain Jersey | Trøjer
Assos Liberty RS23 Thermo Rain Jersey - blackSeries, blackSeries
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