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Vision and performance - The AquaSphere Kayenne Jr Swimming Goggles

The Aqua Sphere Kayenne provides a comfortable fit and excellent sealing. It is equipped with ultra durable Plexisol® lens with expanded 4-point visibility. One-touch Quick-Fit™ buckle for perfect fit with simple adjustments - even while wearing. This lenses feature 100% UV protection and anti-fog and scratch resistant coating for long lasting clarity.

Details of the Kayenne Junior Swim Goggle for kids:

  • Oversized, ultra durable Plexisol lens for 4-point expanded, 180-degree visibility
  • E-Z Adjust Buckle for perfect fit with simple adjustments - even while wearing
  • Stabilizing nose bridge keeps fitting secure and comfortable
  • 100% UVA/UVB protection
  • Scratch-resistance
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Silicone strap for comfort and durability
  • Sized for Youth (6+)
  • Latex free, hypoallergenic

Technologies of the Kayenne Swimminggoggles

Plexisol lens

Sourced in Italy with excellent anti-fog properties. Ten times stronger then glass and 100 times lighter, Plexisol is ultra durable and distortion free.

Curved lens

The patented curved lens technology offers the clearest possible visibility through superior optics engineering based on 3 key placed radii, virtually eliminating distortion while delivering an uninterrupted, 180° wide field of vision with exceptional hydrodynamics.

EZ Adjust

The EZ Adjust buckle is a low profile, micro-metric strap adjustment buckle that streamlines the goggle while allowing for precise strap adjustment. Simply pull the straps back to your desired level of tension for a leak free fit, or lift the buckle tabs and pull the goggle forward to loosen.

Description of the lenses:

Clear lens:

Transmits a natural light, which makes it ideal for low light and overcast conditions where maximum visibility is required. Clear lens is also ideal for consistent lighting as it provides accurate vision without filtering out color.
ENVIRONMENT: Indoor pools and Dark conditions

Dark lens:

Reduces light transmission to the eye, reducing brightness and glare, making it ideal for conditions with high light levels.
ENVIRONMENT: Outdoor – Sunny – Bright conditions

Mirror lens:

The metalized coating is typically applied on top of a dark lens, resulting in maximum reduction of light transmission to the eye. This lens reduces brightness and glare, making it ideal for conditions with high light levels.
ENVIRONMENT: Outdoor – Sunny – Bright conditions

Polarized lens:

Polarized lenses offer improved color and depth perception by filtering out the sun’s horizontal light rays to eliminate glare reflected off shiny surfaces, such as water, increasing contrast for a sharper and improved vision
ENVIRONMENT: Outdoor – Sunny – Bright conditions

Blue lens:

Allows a moderate level of light into the eye and provide some glare protection. It’s a practical color for changing conditions.
ENVIRONMENT: Indoors and Moderate-light outdoor conditions

Amber lens:

Provides excellent vision in both high and low light environments. In low level light (i.e. indoor swimming pool, overcast conditions) amber lenses amplify the light offering clearer vision. In high light levels it reduces glare.
ENVIRONMENT: All conditions
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