x-socks - Trekking Air Step 2.0 Mid

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X-Socks Trekking Air Step 2.0 Women's Mid Socks | Strømper
110 DKK
X-Socks Trekking Air Step 2.0 Mid Socks | Strømper
X-Socks Trekking Air Step 2.0 Mid Socks | Strømper
The desire for warm feet is often the reason incorrect materials are used. Wool combos can keep the foot warm but they enable an extremely high rate of bacterial growth. The X-SOCKS® Trekking Air Step 2.0 fulfills the highest demands for hygiene, air-conditioning and comfort through the use of differentiated materials. The footbed of Mythlan actively reduces unwanted bacteria growth, whilst wool provides for good warmth on the leg. Plus, the intricate cushioning and protector system of X-SOCKS® optimises protection.

Self adjusting Cuff: For individual fit without slipping and cutting in.AirConditioning Channel: Ventilates and enables dry feet step by step.Achilles tendon protector: Shock absorbingRobur fabric reduces the incidence of pressure points and the risk of scaping and bruising.Merino Wool: A special, fine grade wool that originally came from Merino sheep. It has all the characteristics classic to wool such as wrinkle resistance, shape recovery and insulation, but what makes Merino wool different is the luxurious softness and comfort provided by the fine diameter Merino fibres. Unlike traditional wools, Merino wool does not itch and is shrink treated to hold its size and shape even after repeated washings.MYTHLAN is a true 'lightweight' among the newly-developed high-tech fibers. The ultra-light, self-contained micro-fiber construction means that bacteria cannot take hold. MYTHLAN is thus completely pH balanced and hypo-allergenic. The lightness of the MYTHLAN fabric means that air can circulate freely and affords superb temperature regulation. It goes without saying that a modern material like MYTHLAN is easy to care for and colorfast.Instep Protector: Reduces pressure and minimizes the risk of skin irritations and abrasions.Toe Protector: Prevents blisters and chafing.ToeTip Protector helps against blisters and chafing through straps or laces.Heel Protector: Reduces friction and pressure.Traverse AirFlow Channel System: Provides lateral ventilation under the sole.X-Cross Bandage: Stabilizes the ankle joint.Air guides provide continued air exchange.

With anatomical shaped insole for right and left. Feet are protected and supported, also on hard undergrounds. Hardly claimed parts of the foot, like heel or bale are individually padded and protected.

Material 38% polyamide, 33% polyacrylic, 18% polypropylene, 9% wool, 2% elastane

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X-Socks Trekking Air Step 2.0 Mid Socks | Strømper
X-Socks Trekking Air Step 2.0 Women's Mid Socks
110 DKK
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