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These D-Stellar SPD-SL Road Shoes from Diadora offer the perfect combination of power transmission, lightness and comfort; this makes them the perfect choice for racers.


The D-Stellar Shoes boast a unique style as well as the best technologies and materials on the market, including the Boa® steel-wire closure system with steel wire, nylon guides and mechanical rotor.

The closure system omits hook-and-loop straps in favour of two Boa® wires. These wires let you fine-tune the fit across the top of your foot, where most of the pressure is applied to the upper, and over your metatarsal area for different amounts of pressure in each spot. Anyone who has experienced crippling hot spots in the toe box will appreciate this variable approach, as it lets you customise the shoe's fit for firm support and spacious comfort at the same time.

The Pro Road sole, which is constructed from layers of 100% 3K carbon, is paired with the breathable waterproof NET Breathing System and a replaceable Duratech rubber heel.

BOA® Closure System:

Glove-Like Fit: Boa® provides custom comfort with smooth, even closure and no pressure point.
Secure: Boa® laces have superior power transfer through the entire pedal stroke.
Micro-Adjustability: The high-precision Boa® reel allows the cyclist to achieve perfect shoe tension.
On The Fly: Simply reach down and dial in the perfect fit with a few clicks of the Boa® dial.
Lightweight: The Boa® closure system weighs substantially less than other cycling shoe closures.
Breathability: Free of straps, cyclists enjoy greater air circulation across the top of the foot.

Carbon Fibre: Maximum rigidity where it's needed for efficient power transmission (no energy dispersion).

Removable Heel Pad: This anti-slip heel pad is made of Duratech rubber for both the best grip and higher abrasion resistance, while it has an ergonomic design for a secure stance once you get your feet down. The heel pad is fixed by a screw and can be easily removed from the inside just by lifting the insole.

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