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Making the most of Leatt's new 3DF, 3-dimensional impact foam that offers a soft and flexible fit and energy-absorbing impact protection, the Elbow Guard 3DF 5.0 pads are a welcome breath of fresh air when it comes to offroad protection.


Comfort, protection and capable of wicking away moisture when the ride intensifies. The Leatt Elbow Guard 3DF 5.0 pads are the go-to protection for offroad shredders aiming to negotiate the thrills and spills of the beaten path. An abrasion resistant collection worn under your favourite trail top, they are extremely cosy, fit easily to the elbow and the lightweight, low-profile shape allows for moisture to be wicked away.

Sporting a fibre outer layer the guards also utilise a silicone lamination to maintain their positioning. Already keeping you cool and focused, the consistent positioning of the Leatt’s creation ensures an explosive cadence can be deployed at all times, making that all-important kicker easier to nail.

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Priser fra: 396 til 463 DKK

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