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Assos MILLE GT Jacket Winter | Jakker
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Building on the Mille GT collection, this jacket features a specially designed functional material that is windproof, waterproof, lightweight and breathable - all at a great price. The legendary falkenZahn vest was the inspiration for design and engineering inspiration.

For the front panels, Assos have used the brand new hydrophilic membrane for improved wind and water resistance so that you have optimum protection even in bad weather. In spring and autumn, temperatures naturally rise in between, so Assos also used their opulent, roughened RX material. In the lower front area of the jacket to increase comfort and breathability. The roughened finish also acts as a high-quality insulation if required. Assos have taken the breathability on the sleeves of this jacket to a whole new level with the lightweight summer material Stripe Tex. Light, protective and breathable.

This jacket is the culmination of engineering skills. The jacket keeps you warm in the fresh morning hours without overheating when temperature and driving intensity rise. A good choice for all trips outside the summer heat.

Wear this race-proven, custom-fit jacket even on fast group rides when the season begins. Baselayers for spring/autumn are the ideal combination partners. But if it's time for rain, Assos recommend that you also pack the Mille GT wind vest or the Mille GT wind or climate jacket so that you are prepared for all eventualities.

Neos 7
Neos 7 is a 2.5-layer soft shell material with a PU-bonded membrane construction for a waterproof, close-fitting fit. It is the latest innovation from the in-house fabric specialists. Assos used this particularly breathable material for the upper front panel. It protects you from the wind, and if it starts raining on the way, your chest area also stays dry. Waterproof >10 meters. High breathability MVTR 20.500 g/m²/24h JIS L 1099 B-1:2006

The internally developed RX material is a roughened, bilaterally stretchable warp knitted fabric with moisture dissipating and thermal properties. Assos used it for the lower front panel.

Type.157 Stripe Tex
For this spring/autumn jacket, Assos used Stripe Tex, the internally developed, breathable and stretchable circular knit material, on the back and under the arms. Designed as a lightweight knit fabric, it offers good ventilation, sun protection, outstanding comfort and odorControl technology.

Triple ramp pockets
Comprehensively tested bag design with a new, groundbreaking layout that ensures your belongings are always safely stowed, regardless of your workout.

2W waistWave construction
For a more cultivated appearance with an ergonomic touch made of Sens-Bicolour-Tex material.

Raglan cut
A comfortable sleeve design with raglan cut for freedom of movement and reduced drag.

Enhanced safety
Reflective details will draw other road users to your presence without compromising the stylish look of the jacket. With reflective stripes on the pockets.

Silicone-free cuffs
The elastic cuffs store the warmth and increase the wearing comfort.

Full-length camLock zip
Narrow, lightweight zipper for opening and closing depending on weather conditions.


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