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There's no fooling around with this Bluegrass creation, the technology and comfort are well and truly Legit! The highly stylish Legit Helmet is a full-face lid that won't break the bank, inspiring confidence and safety as you take your ride offroa


Constructed for racing, the Bluegrass Legit Helmet is everything you need and more for days spent kicking up roost. It brings a composite fibreglass shell to the table and pairs it with a multi-impact EPS liner for inspired comfort and protection. Lightweight, speed isn’t compromised and neither is the safety of the pilot, with the Legit far exceeding its expected ability thanks to a number of certificates. For customised comfort there is a double-D buckle and this works in tandem with the MX style straps to ensure a customised fit that won’t come loose.

For those that ride at speed, the Legit can be partnered with an inflatable emergency release system, goggles and a neck brace. Ramping up your levels of durability, the sky’s the limit when it comes to safety and the Legit works tirelessly to cover each and ever base. The visor is flexible to release in case of an emergency and it avoids twisting at the neck in case of unexpected impacts from all different angles.

Highly Breathable

Suitable for all shapes and sizes, the Legit Helmet has been crafted with a removable liner that can be removed and washed should you want to freshen things up. It extends the life of your trail lid and the highly breathable technology ensures perspiration is a thing of the past. Maximising airflow, the vents are optimised for sessions that last all day and two big exhaust ports work in synergy with the EPS channels to keep riders fresh 24/7. Add in the breathable chin guard that plays host to three wide vents and hearing vents that optimise performance and in the Legit Helmet you have one hell of an offroad champion perfect for riding Downhill in.

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