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Bell's Spark Helmet (MIPS) is perfect for mountain bikers who are progressing with their riding and want a helmet with extra coverage and sleek design. If tyre grip fails and you go down, you can be assured the Spark has got your back - or rather head


The Spark Helmet is a stunning trail helmet that looks as good as it performs and yet comes in at an incredibly good value price point. Bell have employed their Fusion In-Mold system, whereby the outer shell is bonded to the EPS foam liner to create a helmet that is far sturdier than standard helmets, giving you confidence in its durability. This sturdy construction is backed up by MIPS, an innovative system that enhances protection from rotational forces in the event of a crash. When you're pushing your limits the Spark MIPS lets you do so with confidence.

While the Spark offers a high degree of protection it also fits brilliantly too, and that's all down to the Ergo Fit dial system, that is integrated with the MIPS, giving you easy control of the tightness of the helmet with one hand. Too tight or too loose, a quick twist sorts it.

While your pinning downhills and pedalling technical uphills you'll be sure to build up some body heat, but the combination of 13 vents and the 'Sweat Guide' pad design keeps air flowing over the head and sweat wicked away for greater comfort. The integrated visor completes the sleek mountain bike design and adds a block to both the sun's rays on a summer's pedal and raindrops on a winter mudfest ride.

What is MIPS?

• MIPS is a Brain Protection System

• Rotational motion can cause brain injuries

• The low friction layer allows a sliding movement of 10–15 mm, in all directions, reducing rotational motion to the brain during impact

• MIPS adds protection

Bell Crash Replacement Scheme
If you have an accident in any helmet it's a good idea to replace it. Bell offers the peace of mind that if you have an accident wearing one of their helmets they will replace it at a reduced price.Find out more here .

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