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Bell Full-9 Full Face Helmet 2018 | Hjelme
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Boasting the rich technology of the award-winning Moto-9, the Bell Full-9 Fasthouse Ltd. combines downhill and BMX traits and has been moulded into a winning lid by champions of the offroad scene.


Finally, it's here. There are collaborations, and then there's the Fasthouse/Bell partnership!

Cast your mind back, before rules and regulations came into the reckoning. Southern California was the capital of motocross riding and leading the charge for the revolution was Fasthouse. Born from the dirt, their punk attitude is perfect for those that love to pin trails and nail berms, and their partnership with Bell is set to bridge the gap between motocross and mountain biking. Extremely stylish, the iconic Full 9 Fasthouse Ltd. Helmet fits perfectly and welcomes shredding until your heart's content.

The Full 9 Helmet

A masterpiece in need of the limelight, the Full-9 Helmet is an offroad warrior certain to redefine the way we ride the trail. Having passed the demanding ASTM Downhill Mountain Bike Racing certifications as well as the CPSC and CE bicycle safety benchmarks, Bell’s creation is one of the safest lids on the market.

Allowing for an easy release via the Eject helmet removal system and magnetic cheek pads, comfort and safety have become the brand’s first priority. The shell is lightweight and crafted from carbon and the overbrow ventilation system works to maximise the flow of air around your head to keep you cool no matter how hard you shred. Allowing you to pedal to a beat, the Soundtrax built-in speaker provides music to accompany you on your ride.

Widely regarded as the world’s most advanced DH or BMX helmet, Bell has included an XT-2 extended wear interior for unrivalled comfort while the wide field of view provides a greater range of vision from the saddle.


ICEdot Enabled: ICEdot is an emergency notification service that syncs a secure online profile with a helmet sticker that contains a unique code.

Soundtrax™ Speaker System: Built-in speaker pockets and audio cable routing offers an integrated solution to syncing up sound with your phone or MP3 player.

Integrated Compatibility with Eject® Helmet Removal System: In the case of a crash, this design helps first responders gently remove helmet from a rider’s head, reducing the potential for secondary injuries.

Magnefusion™ Removable Magnetic Cheek Pads: Integrated cheekpad system makes it easy to remove cheekpads after a crash or swap them out for cleaning and drying.

Overbrow Ventilation™: Actively ushers cool air over the head and regulates temperature by drawing cool air into the intake ports and circulating it through a matrix of air channels.

Added features:
Weight: 1050g

Vents: 10 vents, 3 brow ports

Certification: CE EN1078

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