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BBB Tithon BHE-08 Cykelhjelm, glossy black/neon yellow | Hjelme
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BBB's new sprint helmet is called Tithon and offers excellent aerodynamics combined with optimum ventilation. The teams already call it "Free Speed". BBB has spent a year fine-tuning the balance of low drag and maximum ventilation of the Tithon helmet. The special design was developed in cooperation with the Technical University of Delft and has been carefully tested in a wind tunnel. Right from the start, our aim was to find the perfect balance between low air resistance and excellent ventilation. And now it's the helmet of choice for high speed rides that won't make your head feel like in the microwave. What else could a super-fast sprinter wish for? The unique design of the Tithon combines an aerodynamic surface with extremely strong ventilation through the two large ventilation openings at the front of the helmet. This guarantees speed with a cool head.

airflow cooling system (ACS)
Intense cycling produces a lot of heat and overheating slows down performance. Due to the relatively large surface of the head, up to 40% of the body heat is dissipated there. Wearing a helmet usually hinders ventilation. This led us to develop the Airflow Cooling System (ACS) for the Tithon. Both the shape and the padding channel and channel the air better out.


  • best balance between aerodynamics and thermodynamics
  • ACS design (Airflow Cooling System).
  • concealed strap attachment
  • Venturi ductwork for optimum air circulation
  • adjustable straps for a perfect and comfortable fit
  • SmoothSkin belt divider is easily adjustable in various angles
  • Airflow cushion design for optimum airflow
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