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The Vector Tech MIPS Helmet from Alpinestars is both lightweight and strong and with MIPS technology engineered in it delivers incredible protection for hard-charging mountain bikers.


When you're leaning into berms, sending it over gaps and dropping into steep chutes you want to be confident that should it all go a bit wrong then you're head is protected from an impact with the ground. Enter the Vector Tech MIPS, a helmet with extended coverage around the temple and nape, a reinforcing cage embedded in the rigid frame for added strength and MIPS technology, all there to ensure you walk away from a 'Friday Fail' in one piece.

It's not just about protection though, the Vector Tech is comfortable too. This is thanks to the 19 vents keeping your head cool and a washable, replaceable and breathable comfort liner with quick-dry antibacterial fabric to keep a sweaty brow in check. Then there's the easy to adjust dial sizing system, a turn of the dial letting you get the fit solid and secure, ensuring the helmet stays put over the roughest of terrain and in the event of a slam. Lastly, there's an adjustable visor which can be tilted up for enhanced vision when pedalling to the top of the trail and there's space to accommodate goggles too - perfect shred-ready features.

What is MIPS?

• MIPS is a Brain Protection System

• Rotational motion can cause brain injuries

• The low friction layer allows a sliding movement of 10–15 mm, in all directions, reducing rotational motion to the brain during impact

• MIPS adds protection

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