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Class-leading protection, mind-blowing ventilation and the usual attention-grabbing 100% style, the Trajecta MTB Helmet keeps you covered when hitting the toughest of enduro stages and MTB trails.


Unrivalled Head Protection

When you're focused on fast lines and technical mountain bike trails you don't want to have any nagging doubts in your mind about your equipment and whether you can push your limits to the edge. Well with 100%'s Trajecta MTB Helmet you can rip it up on any trail with complete confidence and should you hit the dirt then you're covered by world-class protection. Thanks to the combination of the fully integrated Smartshock® Rotational Protective System, with 13 point Smartshock® elastomers, and Multi-Density EPS foam construction this is a lid that does an incredible job of dissipating and reducing the shock of an impact to the head. The EPS foam absorbs impacts while the Smartshock® Rotational Protective System helps protect the brain from rotational forces across a wide range of speeds and impacts when you hit the deck. Dust yourself down and keep riding when it all goes wrong.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Whether you're getting rowdy between the tapes of an Enduro race or enjoying mixing it up with mates at a trail centre the Trajecta MTB Helmet is designed to ensure you don't get too hot and sweaty on the pedalling sections. 24 ventilation ports direct airflow into the helmet so you get a rush of cool air to the head while exhaust ports let sweaty humid air out the back. Inside, a quick-wicking anti-microbial liner keeps you fresh and it's washable too, so no itchy head annoyance after a tough day on the hill.

Fit and Function

To secure the Trajecta in place you've got a reliable and lightweight D-Ring locking closure and with four sizes to choose from, with size-specific mould designs, you'll get the ideal fit, delivering impeccable comfort on the bike. The chin bar is brilliantly integrated and the multi-point adjustable visor ensures vision and protection are both optimised and also allows for easy goggle stowage when needed. At 860 grams the Trajecta won't weigh you down either, making it an awesome enduro and all-mountain lid for any mountain biker.

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