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100% Hydromatic Waterproof Brisker Glove | Handsker
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Don't let Mother Nature stop you being at your best on those wet winter days. The Hydromatic Waterproof Brisker Gloves from 100% are the kings of the trail when it comes to dry insulated cosiness for your hands.


Packed with water- and windproof polyurethane for great weather protection, the 100% Hydromatic Waterproof Brisker Gloves are ideal for soggy autumn and winter days. Not only do they defend your hands when the heavens open, but they actually perform better in that scenario: the silicone detailing that sits in the palm increases its grip when it gets wet, so you can ride in complete confidence.

In the top of the gloves sits a soft-shell packed with lightweight insulation to keep your digits nice and toasty should the mercury begin to drop. Aside from complete weather protection the Brisker version of the Hydromatic Glove features conductive thread in the index finger and thumb to keep you in touch with your mobile devices, an easy-to-use pull-on cuff for extended coverage, and reflective graphics help to keep you safe and seen on low light rides.

Bad weather is often an easy excuse to not go out and shred the trail. Well, it’s time for those excuses to end thanks to 100%.

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