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Bioracer Epic Shorts Women | Bukser
737 DKK
Bioracer Epic Bibshorts Women | Bukser
Bioracer Epic Bibshorts Women | Bukser
Bioracer Epic Bibshorts Women | Bukser
Bioracer Epic Bibshorts Women | Bukser
Shorts elastane

Over the past 2 years Bioracer has spent a lot of time improving the most important part of cycling clothing: the pants. This effort has been focused on creating a wide range of pants while improving comfort, performance and appearance.

Some problems were the basis for the assumptions of this study.
- Carbon bikes, wheels, saddles and shoes become lighter and stiffer - but the human body remains soft and has to absorb a lot of shocks. How can the body be better supported?
- The rubber bands on the legs that press into the flesh, cyclists (even trained athletes) often look like they have a few kilos too much. This is especially annoying for women. How can fit and appearance be improved?

The result: the Epic -Pants for women.
Instead of leg bands, Bioracer uses a new material with graduated compression. So you don't need any waistbands at all to stabilize everything. Problem solved.

Seat pad

This Vapor Pad is part of the latest Bioracer Pad generation and represents a major development in terms of breathability and cushioning. During development we mainly ask ourselves: How can we improve the cushioning that is necessary to withstand stiff carbon wheels without making the pad thicker? The result: Vapor -Technology.

The pad consists of different layers. The top layer reduces friction and is breathable. The 2 middle layers are also breathable and transport moisture. But the really outstanding one is the main layer. Bioracer uses there Evapore , a 3D fabric with better cushioning properties. Under pressure it becomes Evapore rubbery, so it absorbs shocks even under maximum compression. The material is also hydrophobic, which means it wicks away sweat. The pad remains permanently dry.

The advantages are obvious:

+ The pad remains compact.

+ Your centre of gravity is lower on the saddle, giving you more control over your bike.

+ The stability on the saddle is improved.

+ More power transmission, less sponginess.

+ More support with only 30% of the material.

Fabric 2: 75% polyester, 25% elastane
Fabric 1: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane

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Bioracer Epic Bibshorts Women | Bukser
Bioracer Epic Shorts Women
737 DKK
Bioracer Epic Bibshorts Women | Bukser
Bioracer Women's Star Wars Epic Bib Shorts
978 DKK
Bioracer Epic Bibshorts Women | Bukser
Bioracer Star Wars Epic Bib-shorts - Dame
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Bioracer Epic Bibshorts Women | Bukser
Bioracer Epic Bibshorts Women
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