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Assos T Équipe EVO Bib Shorts | Bukser
1.098 DKK
Assos T Équipe EVO Bib Shorts | Bukser
Assos T Équipe EVO Bib Shorts | Bukser
Assos T Équipe EVO Bib Shorts | Bukser
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The Assos showpiece: acclaimed T equipe EVO

Representing an evolution of the long-running équipe, these reworked Assos bib shorts break ground with an all-new insert and new colorway.

Offering riders the highest level of performance and quality with regards to cycling shorts has been a key part of the Assos identity for over four decades. It is therefore of the utmost importance to Assos that they continue to boast the finest day-to-day performance short around. And so, they are proud to present their flag bearer, the acclaimed T equipe EVO. From the game-changing comfort of the current S7 generation, they take a step forward from the original Assos équipe short, which has been the favorite within Assos since its creation.

These revised cycling bibs rely ona brand new, high performance insert, known as the équipeEVO_S7 . With a distinctive black colour, it has enhanced ventilation at the front of the insert. Developed to increase airflow, these ventilation holes mean that your most sensitive areas will keep a cooler climate, thus improving comfort on longer riders.

In further refinement, these riding shorts stand out from the rest of the collection by deploying the same tailoring and technology as found in the BMC Racing Team shorts to add a little color, seeing two standard edition options with a colored band on the right leg. For a more understated look, the blackSeries edition features a white band on the left leg. And for those who want to ride under the radar, try on the black-on-black profBlack edition.

Features of the T Équipe EVO Bib Shorts

  • S7 generation:
    The latest generation of Assos shorts, the S7 line employs technology and fabrics that have been engineered over a 5-year period. Leveraging all of their fabric knowledge gained in four decades, this generation of shorts is a masterpiece of design and sets new standards in performance and comfort.
  • Type.439 Diadema:
    To improve the performance as well as increase the durability of the products, Assos have created these shorts using type.439 Diadema, a specific textile design created in collaboration with their fabric suppliers to meet the demands of performance, comfort and wear and tear. Unique within the industry, the weave has two different rates of 4-way stretch, which requires expertise to maximize the elasticity of the fabric on the cutting table.
  • aeroPatterningFenomeno1 design:
    Drawing on everything Assos learned from the project to create the fastest skinsuit for the London 2012 Olympics, this technical design is instantly noticeable when you put on the short. Crafted with a patent-pending single seam that sits on the rear of your legs, this means the main fabric of the short wraps around your thighs to give you a unique level of comfort and compression from Assos' S7 generation of shorts.
  • Y7 frame carrier bibTech:
    Another noticeable difference in the S7 generation of shorts can be found on the bibs themselves. Cut from wider elastic, they sit with less pressure on your shoulders. The design meets two objectives: less friction and more comfort.
  • équipeEVO_S7 insert:
    Coming with 8mm of memory foam, this insert is nestled at the intersection between comfort and performance. Central to the fit is the patented elastic insert interface, which was invented by Assos and sees the insert move with your body, allowing it to sit in one place to follow your movements, reduce friction and increase comfort. This specific insert features the most recent technology, known as Krater ventilation.
  • Krater ventilation:
    This includes the addition of small holes at the front of the insert, which increase airflow so that your most sensitive areas are kept cooler, leading to more comfort and one less reason to cut your ride short early.
  • TheAssos waffle was introduced on the S5 and has been further perfected for S7. Instead of using monolithic linear foam as the middle layer, S7 is equipped with a perforated foam resulting in a reduction of weight and increased breathability.
  • superFlat grippers are ultra lightweight and low volume. They have an optimally calibrated stretch return, which secures the shorts firmly to the legs without applying unnecessary pressure.
  • iceColour is a fabric treatment that reflects sunlight therefore reduces heat absorption. Its objective is to keep your muscles cooler than when wearing non-treated shorts.
  • bibStabilizer:
    An invaluable feature on the bib straps to provide stability while pushing hard, these also serve as a holder for Zegho sunglasses.
  • odorControl:
    Assos have treated the shorts with an anti-bacterial treatment.

Material name by manufacturer: Type.439 Diadema

Material 70% polyamide, 18% elastane, 12% polyester

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Assos T Équipe EVO Bib Shorts | Bukser
Assos T Équipe EVO Bib Shorts
1.098 DKK
Assos T Équipe EVO Bib Shorts | Bukser
Assos T Équipe Evo Bib Shorts
1.126 DKK
Assos T Équipe EVO Bib Shorts | Bukser
Assos T Équipe Evo Bib Shorts
1.126 DKK
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