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Assos has once again pushed the bar higher when it comes to race-tuned cycling comfort. Their Equipe RS Bib Shorts S9 have been engineered from the ground up to ensure incredible fit, comfort and flexibility, tested at World Tour level.


Exceed Expectations

Racing at the highest level puts extreme demands on riders and their kit, what with the hours of movement, changes of weather, climbing and descending, changes of the road surface and constant in and out of the saddle accelerations. This level of performance requirements has pushed Assos' engineers to create a host of new comfort-focused features which can meet and exceed the demands of even the harshest of race conditions. The result is the Equipe RS Bib Shorts S9 featuring A-Lock engineering and rollBar bib technology.

A-Lock Engineering

A-Lock engineering is all about using new fabrics and technologies to create a short with incredible stability and a seat insert that is perfectly positioned at all times. The start of this system is a new fabric, Type.441 textile. This is a fabric which has exceptional compression qualities and with its silk feel is incredibly comfortable against the skin. Not only that it's quick-wicking, anti-odour and durable, the perfect fabric for performance cycling.

Float like a Butterfly

The next phase of the A-Lock engineering system is significant advances in the panel and construction design, leading to incredibly stable shorts and seat insert. Firstly the panelling, the class-leading S7 shorts used a four-panel construction, whereas the S9 now features just two. The result of using just two panels is a reduction in seams leading to less weight and more comfort. Those two panels are then engineered into Assos' unique 'butterfly' panel design, snugly wrapping the legs and back to create a brand new ergoBox structure. This holds the insert securely in place for an incredible feeling of support and comfort no matter how intense your efforts.

rollBar Bib Design

The bib straps also get completely redesigned, with a brand new rollBar system for unrivalled support of the lower shorts section. The rollBar system acts just like an anti-sway bar in a car, the straps stabilising and securing the seat insert in place as you move. The straps are attached across the same seam as the insert, maintaining the perfect degree of tension as you transfer weight in and out of the saddle.

The bib straps themselves are a combination of highly elastic materials and a single piece in the back forming an A-frame which supports the shorts perfectly. In the front, the straps are made of a more flexible material, with an antibacterial carbon weave, to wick moisture and lay flat - the result is extremely lightweight straps you will barely notice.

S9 Insert

At the heart of the S9 Shorts is the S9 insert, taking race-focused comfort to a whole new level. Assos use an incredibly soft antibacterial microfiber next to the skin and when combined with the kraterCooler ventilation holes at the front of the pad you're guaranteed all-day freshness. Next comes a 3D three-layer perforated waffle foam which both boosts breathability and reduces weight and bulk. Lastly, the superAir microShock foam core offers incredible shock absorption and memory return, it re-adapts to your body position every time you shift weight, leading to unrivalled support when in and out of the saddle. A pad designed for the rigours of the World Tour so you get the very best comfort possible.

In conclusion, Assos has once again redefined what high-performance race shorts are, pushing fabric and engineering technology to new levels. Their finest fitting and most comfortable shorts to date, letting you push your performance beyond your expectations.

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