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The Assos Bonka EVO Bib Tights deliver unrivalled levels of insulation, comfort and winter-proof features. These are the tights for the hardiest cyclist who won't be kept indoors by plummeting temperatures and bitter arctic blasts.


Assos brings together a myriad of their garment technologies, functional fabrics and exquisite tailoring to make sure the Bonka EVO Bib Tights are the finest winter tights you'll find for cold-weather cycling. Using the same highly insulating brushed-back RX Heavy as their Winter Tights, but doubled up to two layers throughout, they're incredibly warm and insulating. Acclaimed windproof and water-resistant 2L Stratagon Ultra is then used around the knees, hips, and thighs, keeping your legs protected from sleet, road spray, biting winds, and low temperatures. As with the Winter Tights, the back of the Bonka are made with RX Light, providing the optimal degree of breathability and flexibility so you don't overheat or get overwhelmed with chilling sweat and you'll also enjoy smooth and unrestricted pedalling too.

When it comes to the fit of the Bonka, they fall into Assos' racingFit category, this keeps the fit close to the body, aerodynamic and it's also compressive, providing support to the muscles and encouraging blood flow to fend off fatigue. Assos have also carefully tailored the panels to wrap and support the upper leg muscles, knees, and calves while in motion. On the saddle, the CENTO EVO seat pad offers unrivalled support and comfort. The 10mm memory foam moulds to your shape, while the combination of 3D waffle three-layer perforated foam plus goldenGate and kukuPenthouse technologies provide the ideal level of support and flexibility for comfort on your longest of winter rides.

Freezing mountain passes, bitterly cold winds and snowy roads are no match for the Bonka EVO Bib Tights. If you're a cyclist who loves to get out and ride no matter what winter has in store, these are the tights for you.

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