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Graphics PRR Collection
This is a must-have in Alé Team, recognized and appreciated by the teams that chose it. Innovative technologies and fabrics, attention for the details, ergonomic fitting, lightness and breathability represent the strength of a collection that is a reference point for teams.

The classic bibtights that can be matched with all the garments of the collection. You can use it all winter long, thanks to the thermic brushed fabric that protects from cold.

A winter micro-fibre that effectively handles sweat, still remaining highly breathable. The internal brushed surface creates air pockets that isolate the skin from the exterior, thus retaining the body heat. It is the ideal fabric for tights and accessories, where freedom of movement and thermal insulation are a must. Products made with Superroubaix boast a light compression effect that massages the muscle while pedalling. UPF 50+.

Eyelet Carbon
The Eyelet fabric with carbon yarns, has been enriched by a slight perforation on the surface that improves the fabric’s performances and breathability. Carbon yarns contribute to the athlete’s wellness on the bike, dissipating the electrostatic charges and providing an antibacterial action.

4HF Chamois
The 4HF chamois is made of elastic micro-fiber with padding strategically positioned in the contact points. In the perineal and ischiatic area, the 90 kg/m³ density padding is calibrated and breathable on all covered points to ensure utmost protection against shocks and stresses of the road.


  • Suitable for temperatures from 4°C to 10°C
  • Open back
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